Alright I Think I Was Maybe 5 To 7 Years Old Maybe 6.
My Mom Had A Boy Friend That Bought Me A Big Box For My Birth Day Covered In Birth Day Wrap It, Looked God Like.
I Ripped Open The Wrapping To See A Nintendo 64 Box I Wondered "And What Is This?"
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"Ooh Look You Got A Nintendo 64 Nicky (That Was My Preferred Nick Name)" Said My Mom.
It Had A Game To Which I Can't Remember.
So The Way I Got It Is Over Lets Get To The List.

(By The Way I Have Every Game Mentioned And The System, Pictures Provided By Me.)

15. Triple Play 2000
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It Was A Baseball Game I Didn't Get The Rules Just Like In Real Life. So I Didn't Even Know How To Play It.
But The Game Play Is Good I Under Stand What A Fast Ball, Curve Ball And Other Techniques Are Just Not What A In, Out, And Other Things Are.

14. Top Gear Rally
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It Was Kinda Fun The Racing Was Great But I Didn't Have A Memory Card Attachment So That Was A Let Down.
All The Mud Every Where Is A Nice Differ From The Nascar, And Space Tracks.

13. Wipeout 64
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The Shooting While Driving Feature Was Ideal For Me While Making It A Little Difficult To Drive Was Worth It.
I Think You Could Destroy Other Racers But They Re Spawn.

12. Mortal Kombat 4
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The Fighting Was Cool But The Hard To Remember And Perform Fatalities Dragged The Game Down.

11. WWF War Zone
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It Was Fun Hitting Your Opponent With Chairs, Pipes Etc.
But Memories Of Me Playing This With My Mom Makes It 11.
She'd Mostly Win Because She Knows Wrestling Moves.

10. Pokemon Snap
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This Game I Loved Mostly Since Pokemon Was Famous Back Then And The Scenery Was Beautiful. The Game Was So Easy That I Beat It In A Night. It Had A Nice Variety Of Pokemon Maybe If The Game Had All The Pokemon Would Bring It Up Around It's Era.

9. Hey You Pikachu
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It Was Great That New Inventions In Video Game AI Could Let You Say Something Then The Video Game Character Responds.
Like An Example In The Game If You Find Abra's Shop And Say Something Pikachu Will Buy It. The Coolest Part Is Buying Something Then It's In The Games House.

8. XG2
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This Game Had Me Wondering All The Time When I Played It, Do All These Places They Go To Exist In Their Time?
Well Never Mind The Weapons Were Great Except Multar, The Cannon That Shoots Blue Bombs. Every Other Weapons Are Hard To Get But Worth It.
The Speed In The Game Can Get Crazy Racing Past The Sound Barrier But With Intense Rubber Burning Speed Comes Bad Handeling.

7. Paper Mario
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The Game Play Is Good, Cool Story Board, Variety In Enemies, And Variety In Town Characters.
But Getting Attacked By Enemies Gets Frustrating By Just Walking To The Koopa Bros. Castle You Get Chased By A Lot Of Enemies.
I Almost Beat The Game But My Controller Wouldn't Run To The Right Disabling Moving The Big Elephants In The Ice Palace Chapter.

6. Golden Eye 007
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The Game Has A Bunch Of Weapons To Kill The Guards Trying To Kill James Or Natalya. The Funniest Part Is All Weapons And Slow Animation Cheats, You Can Taser The Guards And They React In Slow Motion. But Besides Cheating The Game Is Cool With A Lot Of Easter Eggs Such As Secret Advertising, Donkey Kong When You Free Fall At The Dam Level.

5. Pokemon Stadium
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There Is Probably All Of The Pokemon In This Game Allowing You To Use Them To Battle The Computer, Player, Or Gym Leaders.
The Best Part Of This Game Is Being Able To Play A Game Boy Game On The Big Screen.

4. Pokemon Stadium 2
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All New Pokemon The Ability To Play A Game Boy Pokemon Game On The Tv Screen. Not Really Different From The First Except Design, Music, Mini Games, Pokemon, Gym Leaders, New School
(I Graduated From Every Level), And Battle Areas.

3. Rush 2 Extreme Racing USA
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Definitely One Of My Favorite Games.
The Ability Where If A Car Is Destroyed It's Out Of The Race.
The Game Basically Has Simple Car Varieties Like A Coupe, Van, Exotic Car Etc.
A Funny Incident Was On The Stunt Stage There Was A Mountain Dew On The Top (I Think I Got The Ramps Mixed Up) I Sped Up And Hit My Cousins Green Car Which Was Up There Destroyed Our Cars.

2. Super Smash Bros.
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The Best Game Around That Time With Pretty Low Polygons.
But Made A Great Game With Famous Nintendo Characters.
My Favorite Stage And Character Is Fox, And Sector Z.

1. Star Fox 64
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My Top Most Favorite Game. The Levels Were Pretty Hard.
I Remember When I Got It. It Was My Birth Day And My Friend Phil Got Me The Game For My Birth Day There Was Tape On The Cartridge That I Riped Off Meaning That's How It Got That Big White Spot On It.

Well Thats It All Of My Games Except A Copy Of Star Fox 64 That Wasn't Included Here Is My Game Collection And My
Nintendo 64.

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