This is my very first article and Ive decided to make it short and sweet.

You know how directors and producers are grabbing these from the Golden Days and remaking them, I find this completely disturbing for one reason and one reason only; the newer version sucks all types of ass. I mean I woulda have thought if I was as old I am now in the past that with all the technology they would have in the future if they decide to do Halloween or Prom Night over they would be wayyy better but instead they are a disappointing wayyy worse. They dont have the same essence as the Golden Days. From coming to find this out I disapprove any and all remakes of old films and shows.

I think their mistakes are they are actually trying to remake the movie when we love it already. What Im sayin is dont take the best parts of the movie or script and change them. Like Prom Night, in the original I think what people like about this movie was the anomity around the killer. The new one, we knew who he was and what his motives were, thus giving away the entire movie. You knew who was gonna die and when I mean it was a nice twist at the end but I damn near fell asleep. Honestly I know what you did last summer was a better remake of this film, same plot but the storyline was alittle different.

Maybe they should just keep the scripts the same. I know it wouldnt be much for the element of surprise but as soon as the opening credits on their so called remakes I figure out the movie, there never was an element of surprise. What do you guys think?