1. Bobby's World

I TOTALLY forgot about this one. All I remember is there was an episode where he had to go swimming, but for some reason it was a problem. Also, that the dad looks like John Goodman.

2. Life with Louie

I kind of remember this show. I remember the dad with the long legs, and Louie.

3. My Brother and Me

This show only was on for 13 episodes. It was about 2 brothers who... live their lives. Also, a sister. And they had a boy who was a neighbor and had an aditude, and said "don't hold your breathe". I remember there was a play and someone got stage fright, and whenever I think of stage fright, I think of that. Also, I remember them playing "fuzzy wuzzy was a bear, fuzzy wuzzy had no hair..." Also, them spraying eachother with spray bottles, chasing each other around the kitchen table.


If you remember this show, WATCH THE INTRO!!
I almost cried. It reminds me of 2nd grade.


Yeah. I remember these two like... car workers. I think one wasn't very bright, and he was overweight, and the other was tall and thin. Also, that teacher lady. And "Great minds think alike" with Genie from Aladdin.

Pepperann, Doug, Recess. Those were the shows I remember on there. And the in betweens.

5. Round the Twist

I saw this in Canada. It was australian... I just remember one time they couldn't stop saying "Without my pants" at the end of sentences in one episode. And in another there was this giant monster that was destroying things, and water was coming out of it, and a boy licked the water, and said it was salty, so she was crying.

6. Big Wolf on Campus

This show I watched a lot. I thought the guy who was obsessed with fantasy stuff was really cool. It's basically about a college guy who gets turned into a warewolf, and becomes friends with that guy. I remember one time, the fantasy obsessed guy turned into stone because he risked his life for the warewolf guy, his best friend.

7. Allegra's Window

I don't really remember this, but I KNOW I've seen it before.

8. The Busy world of Richard Scary

I had a toy from I think McDonald's of that worm in the Apple car.

But yeah, I remember there being a cat family, and a bunch of people in cars, like a pickle car. And there was a hippo who was babysitting, and made it fun. And had bubbles and stuff.

That's it :)