Growing up in the 80's and early 90's it wasn't hard to like wrestling especially the school I went to, there would be a wrestlemaina every lunch brake of every day a Summer Slam event almost every summer day and the normal after school and weekend event as well. I had the radio with a cassette of the wrestlers them songs, my buddy had a fake championship belt and my other buddy had a pair of the Bret Hitman Hart shades he got at a live event. Mix in a few other props and we were off.

Old school wrestling to me was the most exciting thing. It was like a live action comic book in a way. You have the good guy verses the bad guy, justice fighter verse the wrong doers. Nothing beat the way the WWF use to be. All the different characters and gimmicks the shifty managers and the fact that there were only three championships title belts, Easy enough.

One of the most exciting wrestlers from back in the day was Macho Man Randy Savage this highflying tough guy was a 2 time WWF champion and one of the best at interviews. He was one of the first Wrestlers to have a hot chick escort him to the ring, the lovely Miss Elizabeth. I would always play Macho Man and my little cousin she would always play Elizabeth. But Macho did set the standards of been a bad guy. And all those years imitating his moves really did a number on my mom's furniture.

Another really cool villain was Ted Debiosy "the million dollar man" he would always throw his money around trying to buy his opponents off, trying to buy championships. I epically loved when he would knock out his opponents with the million dollar dream then stuff a one hundred dollar bill down the sleeping opponent throat. Then Virgil would reclaim the money. The million dollar man will always be one of the best of the old school.

Another wrestler I would like to imitate was Jake the snake Roberts. I would love to see him wrap his snake Damien around his opponents and freak them the hell out. Jake the snake never held a championship but was one of the names that made the WWF or WWE what it is today. I remember watching Jake the snake wrestle at the L.A. sport arena he faced Rick the model Martel. And I know my brother remembers Jake the snake epically his finisher the D.D.T. my poor brother was on the receiving end of that move many times. Sorry bro.

One classic character that really made it hard on preforming his moves was the infamous Mick Foley, cactus jack, Mankind or Dude love. What ever name he is know by. I'm not saying we didn't try any of the moves but there were always painful results afterwards. The guy would punish his body with crazy stunts and wrestling moves. He really help change the way people looked at wrestling and question how staged or fake it really is.

There are so man old school characters that ruled and to list them all would take up to much room. But you can't have any type of list with out bring up The Hart foundation. Bret Hart and the Anvil Jim Nighthart one of thee best tag teams ever. Even though Bret Hart had a bigger solo career together they were the top tag team especially when they were managed by the great Mouth of the south Jimmy Hart. I once saw the Hart foundation verses legion of doom at the same event I mention early in the article, but there was no winner due to Demolition interrupting the match.

Saturday nights main event was one of the biggest events on TV in my house. Nothing beat staying up late to watch all the matches. Times have changed today's wrestling on T.V. has a top star verse a top star in every match on every program. But back in the day we had superstars of wrestling and wrestling challenge every weekend where a top star would fight against a skinny guy with a mullet who looked like he drove a truck for the WWF not wrestle for it. So Saturday nights main event was more like a pay preview event. And aftet it would end around 1:00 am the real event would start with me and my brothers trying to inmate what we just watched.

What was so fun about wrestling to me was acting out the matches or copying the wrestling mannerisms and style, conducting interviews on the brother love show
A.K.A. our family living room,

Climbing the top rope or according to my mother the arm of the sofa, To do high flying super fly jimmy snucka finsher move on my laid out brother to win the match.

Or having all the kids on the block participate in the royal rumble or survival series match. That was always good fun sometimes we would have about 13 or 14 kids going nuts in my front yard.

Those were good times defiantly a lot of fun. I could always look back and reflect on so much. I was a 2 time world champion and a royal rumble winner. Those were the days I wouldn't even know where to begin on today's wrestling I don't knock it, I just don't watch it. But the roots of today's wrestling lay strong in that era of the junk yard dog, Hulk Hogan, the late great Andre the giant, Mr. Perfect and so many more. I'm sorry if I left out any wrestlers that you the reader may have wanted to see listed. There is just to much cool stuff about the old school WWF. Please feel free to log in any wrestler that you liked from back then that i missed.