heidi ho! it is me names nate here to tell you about the best shows on disney channel before it became a crappy teen channel so sit back and enjoy my article

5.chhip n dale rescue rangers
this show was great featuring chip and dale saving small animals usually from humans.i love this show and so does my little brother and it would be a pleasant surprise to see this show on.

4. talespin
if you like jungle book this is right up your alley it featured baloo,sher kahn,king louie,and i think bagheera.this show took place in the 1930s with baloo driving a plane called the sea duck how is this like jungle book i know but its still good!I would love to see this show on the air.

3.darkwing duck
as we know not all spinoff shows are good but this is an exception my favorite line was "lets get dangerous" i have comics of this and it might be on toon disney though in a magazine kids hated it whats wrong with kids today?

i am going to sue who ever took this off toon disney it was great i also loved the movie it was awesome kids today should see this and put this back on the air replacing Hannah Montana or something what is so great about her?
1.gummi bears
my favorite disney channel show this featured gummi bears living in middle ages with a recipe called gummi bear juice i never missed an episode and was my favorite show when i was younger

there are some shows that they really should get rid of and here they are
1.zack and cody
2.high school musical
3.camp rock
4.hannah montana
5. phineas and ferb
I hope you liked my article and i will write more soon heidi heidi ho!