Today I am reviewing Twisted Metal all elements of the series.
Twisted Metal one came out with the old PS 1 it has a simple concept really choose a car and the story to go with it advance in the game by blowing up other cars, and run down people shooting at your car. Many of the vehicles from this series have continued to appear in later versions. There are some though that continues in every single game, Mr. Grim, Sweet tooth, minion and warthog. Now the first game was a good start but had its quirks, like if you get to the final level with one car do write down the password, because you can use it for all other cars. Also don't expect much graphically from this game after all it's a ps1 game. It was not the greatest of the TM series but it gets props, because it launched the rest of the series.
The second Twisted Metal had a fantastic soundtrack which matched each round to T. game freaks like I took the game and ripped the music onto my computer. They also boldly added several new characters but only one Axel whose character is compelling, a tortured soul who has since his addition has been all the remaining titles of the series.
If you have never played a twisted metal game, get your hands on 2 it is a great start to this game and to be honest I think this is the crown jewel of this series. The character stories are compelling, the bosses are challenging, each vehicle you pick has its up and down sides. Buy it, Download it, borrow it from a friend do not miss this one.
What I love about this series, is even if you're lame like me and throw on god mode just to rock though the game because you had a bad day and you need a little mayhem to take the stress off, you can still die. The cars cannot fly and follow the laws of gravity so if you go flying off the roof of a building you will loose a life. The game compared to the rest of the series is about average difficulty with two unlockable characters Sweet tooth and minion. Minion reappears in this game as mid game boss, he isn't that hard only a minor freak out when he first appears. The final boss Dark tooth in a giant RV is moderately hard to beat, do not expect to beat him by hiding any where. Most fans of the series will agree this is the best game in the series, and to speak to that a sequel was created wholly on the series,
the next game in the series was so horrible it should be taken to the desert and buried, small brawl. Do not waste your time money or power on this game.
I will stop here today this will be a three part series I think. Next week review Twisted Metal 3&4 this is when the series departs its home studio to go to 989 were Sony screws with the series...oh joy.
Until then I am Night6 the gamer chick.