The Terminator James Cameron's first major movie as a director that established him in Hollywood. While working in Europe on another project James Cameron got the idea for the Terminator. He had a unique image of a metal endoskeleton rising from the flames. Then he went of to write and get his thoughts down on paper. Cameron gave the story a strong back bone,setting it in the near future of a time of war between man and machine. The main antagonist just as Kyle Reese describes it in the first film as Computer Defense System called Skynet. But Skynet was not the star. That star was going to be the inflaltration unit called the Terminator. The Terminator has no emotions or feelings for Humans. The Terminator has only one goal it was programmed with death and destruction. Initially Lance Henriksen was strongly considered for the part of the evil cyborg. James Cameron even sketched designs of Lance Henriksen is wardrobe as the character. Other working actors at the time who were considered was O.J. Simpson. But Cameron felt a killer cyborg could not have played by a nice guy as he says. Originally The Terminator was described as an average looking fellow. That was all about to change when body builder Arnold Schwarzenegger was cast in the role. When Arnold and James Cameron met he was considered for the Kyle Reese role. But Arnie looked the script and said "what about this Terminator role." Cameron said "no! he is not the hero/star he has no lines." Then Arnie replied and said "Trust me." Cameron took a chance and hired him for the role. With one acting issue to solve who was going to play future war hero Kyle Reese? There was an Actor James Cameron wanted and that man was Michael Biehn. But in his first audition he almost failed to get the part because he spoke in a southern accent. The reason why he just came off a stage production Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. He came back lost that tone and got the part. One part that was very vital and they needed to fill was the role of Sarah Conner. That character was played by Linda Hamilton. Let's move on to the plot of the film The Terminator Shall we! The premise is Skynet sends a Terminator back through time to the year 0f 1984. With a very lethal purpose to kill the mother of the Human Resistance,John Conner. That woman was named Sarah Conner. The Human Resistance came to be prepared for a situation like this. They sent a brave soldier back through time by the name of Kyle Reese. From beginning to end it's a fight to the finish. Besides all the action and the special make up effects,their is some very interesting story and human emotion that takes place in the plot. Kyle Reese is revealed to be John Conner's father and Sarah Conner's love interest. So there is a very interesting love story in the movie. One detail on the movie I take to my heart is the musical score by Brad Fiedel. They have to themes in the movie the main theme and the love scene score, which both sound way to cool and interesting. The Terminator went on to spawn two more sequels and a 3D show at Universal Studios Florida and one more sequel in the works and coming out this summer of 2009. The Terminator will always have special place in movie history and it's a movie I grew up with, and I will always remember it forever.