Who the hell didnt love Phoebe Cates, duh.

My other articles are very verbose, so I thought Id let the pics speaker louder than words. These are things that I recall with fondness from my childhood and teens..


I had so many Mad magazines, until they got stolen on a camping trip. Why did I bring them all on a camping trip?

Ah, the swimsuit issue, if only it was as simple now as back then...

True (fake) rocker magazine!

The movie that influenced my decisions, kidding, sorta.

This movie was fricken awesome!

I cant tell you how I got this Beta tape, but it was free. I wore it out. "Roxanne..."

The magazine that made you hate your current BMX with every issue.

Below are some of my favorite albums in no apparent order. Note that one of the albums is not like the other...

More with part 2...