Do any of you remember the show Bump in the night well I do,I think this is the funniest clayamation show here are three of My favorite charaters from this show

Molly coddle the comfort doll with odd shaped limbs she always comfored anyone whose feein down she's Bumpy favorite Gal she also Belongs to the Boy's sister.

Squishington Bumpy's very best pal,he's little blue neat freak Bathroom monster that lives in the toilet tank him and Mr.Bumpy sometimes go on adventures in diffrent rooms in the house.

Finally the star of the show Mr.Bumpy a small green purple warted monster that lives under the bed of a ten year old boy he eats sweat socks he fears the closet monster and destruto the Boy's toy robot he is one wild guy.

it sucked when they took it off the air but I watch It on youtube, also have the dvd and a 9 inch figure of Molly.