Do any of you remember sitting there watching tv watching anything well so do I now I'll show the first show I watched that I still like
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I remember watching Bump in the night I watch this on toon disney (many of you might have watch ths on abc)
my favorite characters were mr.bumpy,squishington and Molly coddle I watch this when I was like 5 or 6 it sucked when they canceled it Bastards

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yeah I watched hello kitty on toon disney also I've always loved her if hello kitty is still popular then why the Hell did hey cancel her too

article image Iremember sailor moon it used to come on cartoon network on toomami everytime it came on I'd watch it i even had the doll and the wand it sucked when they cancel it i still love tese shows I have vhs tapes of sailor moon and hello kitty and I watch Bump in the night on youtube