SO, i watch movies a lot, and have ever since i can remember. but there a couple of movies that have always scared the crap out of me... and im just wondering if they have also scared YOU?

NUMBER 1: Return To Oz

i'd just like to start off by saying that THE WIZARD OF OZ, is my ultimate favorite movie.. but this.. this was just weird. oh and also, for some reason dorothy in this movie is younger than the original dorothy, but anyways back to the point... so what the hell is up with this movie?? there are these guys who have wheels instead of feet and hands, and they are the scariest guys ever?! and then some evil witch who has different heads she can put on, like what the hell?! all i know is that, that movie was so un called for and i did not appreciate it, at all! and for some reason, i was always terrified of watching this movie. (i mean, those guys with wheels are effing scary!)

NUMBER 2: The Goonies

it's not the whole movie that scares me, i love that movie. but i just always remember that monster guy, its funny because i didnt even remember the movie, i just remembered the monsters face and one day it was on t.v. and i was like just like holy crap its the goonies.. the monsters face just always stuck in my mind, i guess i must of watched it when i was really young and that traumatized me. i mean, his face is so freaky?! (but it's a great movie.. :))

NUMBER 3: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

oh man, defiantly one of my favs! this movie is so good! and gene wilder (if you dont know, willy wonka) is amazing in it. oh and also, this is the original.. not that crap with johnny depp in it, fo realz... so bad, ANYWAYS... the oompaloompas, my god... they have always scared me.. and those songs they would sing, honestly i'd have nightmares of them taking me away. its funny though, cuz when i saw the new willy wonka with johnny depp (barf) the oompaloompas WERE CRAP, it was like 1 guy, and they just doubled him or whatever so he was all of the oompaloompas. its like no, you cant do that sorry. and it made me really appreciate the original oompaloompas, and now im not that scared of them.. i actually really like them!

SO, those were some of the biggest movies that scared me as a KID... did they scare YOU? please tell me! i'd love to talk about it.

p.s. i watched the dark crystal for the first time last year, WHAT THE HELL, is all i have to say to that movie. i love jim henson, he was incredible, and that movie is really cool. but scared me sooo much! hehe