I can remember spending my childhood well I used to go with my dad and brother to my Uncle Garys garage he had a autobody business back in 80s and 90s called G-G auto when we got there one of his workers a guy called Mark would tap on glass and suprise us by making faces. I would laugh we then got out and walked in with dad my uncle would greet us we told him hello he said wait here he went upstairs and came bag with bags of doritos for me and my brother this is where I got my love of doritos from. We then hung out with him it was awesome we were always going somethere dad even stopped to get coffee for him and his brother Gary is his brother. I also remember my uncle loves fireworks so do I he used to love playing with them this also is where I got my love of fireworks from. My other days were spend either playing outside in our old house with our neighborhood kid and friend Jimmy the kid we called him or playing inside either watching television or playing on our first super nintendo me and my brother. We lived in Kent New York Lake Carmel was downtown things are different there now makes me so mad. We also got these potato chips called Wise really good if you ask me can't get them here in Midwest.