Alright,I remembered the series,or should I call,Saga,I remembered when me and my sister were just getting home from the most boring church class at our church [shall not tell the name due to privacy].On the door knob,was a bag,I forgot the logo that was on the bag,but there were three Pokemon games,I was happy,more Pokemon games,since the time where my sister and my mother found the Pokemon Crystal game at our Uncle's backyard,now,I loved the game,when I got to play it with our dad's old Gameboy color,lime green,non-see through,worked on the double A's well.

I started over,so I can learn the ropes,I beat the game,and was pretty happy,but when we got the bag,me and my sister got to sorting the games out,I got Gold and Yellow,Sammy,got Crystal and Silver,but,she lets me play Crystal too.So,I got to work with Gold,I was unhappy,that the game didn't have the girl sprite,but Crystal did.
[before later games],when I started,the first starter I took,that I knew by heart how to make a powerful Pokemon,and it's,Feraligatr,I can't even tell you how I made him strong,I picked the moves for him when he was..level 54,I got through the Elite Four without bail.His name was Kenchin,from the show that used to be on Cartoon Network before the channel started to suck,Rurouni Kenshin,yeah I messed the name up,but it was close to the name,I loved him hard.
The thing that bugged me during my Gold travels,was,I had to get my sister,to help me get to Ho-Oh,she helped and I got him [every legendary needs a gender],
and I have yet to capture Lugia,because the damn puzzle was hard to figure it out,and some of the guides from 1999 were out of my reach,okay?

It was before I had any ideas about websites,I usually go to Neopets and bum around there,even though the website was too restrictive on what users do,hell,I forgot my password for my Neopets,wait,which websites DID I go to in 1999?Let's see,aw,come on! If I had my old desktop,I'd tell you,but,my desktop always was memory wiped because of it's lack of RAM and,I was pretty ticked.Anway,I didn't know where to find the guides for the game,but if it's around,maybe I can find it and whip out my Gold and try to get Lugia.Or maybe a video would be good too.

Getting off track here,I remembered when I beat the game,it was easy,but that didn't stop me from going to the Kanto region,where I got to beat Red and Blue,AKA,Ash and Gary from the tv series of Pokemon that ran come on! I watched every single episode,movies too,you try to remember stuff from ten years ago!

Alright,so I went to where the Kanto region's Elite Four area,but when I got back there,I got to go through a door that I wasn't allowed into while I traveled,I
got to capture,with the thousands of x99 ultra balls I bought incase,you know,I wanted this Pokemon,the Pokemon I caught from there,was Rapidash,it was hard,but as long as you had a water Pokemon,or another fire-type,your basically the ruling master,unless your Pokemon are underleveled.

So,when I went through,caught a few from Pokemon from that area,I got to go through a cave,when I got to the last end,I got to go up against the Pokemon Master himself,Ash,or as Red in the series before Gold and Silver,and Crystal.Shut it! You try remembering things from ten years,it's hard man..
I do remember the happiness the Gold get me,and it made me remember something,I hadn't beaten Yellow yet!

So,I whipped my Color out [it was dad's,but he lets me and my sister use it because he knows we loved the Color games of back then],and began to play Yellow,to me,the game was freakin' hard,I had to deal with the constant pains of this and that,but I'd give it credit for following some of the TV series of the game,like the Team Rocket,Jessie and James,and since the game didn't have Pokemon that talk in human tongue,our feline Pokemon friend had to act as the Pokemon fighting instead of being out of the Pokeball,I mean,as you seen thousands of time,trainers in the game had their Pokemon out,but they never talked to you,only spoke their own species language.
I would say,brava for allowing me to get all three starters,like what the show had,only,I got them from NPCS,and didn't find them,well,I guess you may find the Pokemon and got them...night kills me,but I have to download a program,once it installs and works,I'm off,then I'll download another download if required to,

So.....wanna know more of my Pokemon adventures?Well,it took me to,the TCG,I was hooked,I didn't use them for the game,I just loved collecting them,hell,I have a huge suitcase under my bed with thousands of generation one Pokemon cards,some even Japanese,which I am keeping,I wonder how much they are worth now since generation one's dead for the count....probably not alot,but the suitcase has my favorite cards,some that are super rare to even find,I kept in my nightstand because they were special to me,I mean,I had to buy a Raikou Japanese Pokemon card from a friend for all the money in my toy bank,because I loved having all the legendary dogs and birds,I have two Suicunes,I found one in a pack I found in a yard sale,the other I got from the Pokemon 4Ever movie.Anyway,I always go to Toys R Us when we could,I'd get a packet of cards,which I loved to get,they had stones,I guess,I never knew the use for them,but they are lost in my house and I don't even KNOW where they be in,

I remembered Yu-Gi-Oh when it started,it had the stones too,but I just collect the cards for the fun of,not for the better master then these people thing.
I loved my Color and TCG games,but when the next generation rolled in from Japan,I was pleased,Pokemon.....Ruby and Sapphire,I got Ruby from my sister when my mother misread what we wanted and got Sammy another copy of Ruby,I got Mucha Lucha,so we trade,I got Ruby,she got the Mucha Lucha game.
I started my game,I got used to it,and I got to see the whole new book of Pokemon,which peaked my love for the franchise even more.
So....when I was close,I keep losing to the Elite,so I say 'screw it',but that didn't wean my love for the Pokemon.Nope.

Now,I remembered the Pokemon games,that came during the Gamecube years,we got,I didn't remember,was it with my money,or my folk's...well,if I can find the recipt I'll tell,but I don't know where it went to..the game I got was Pokemon Colosseum,I kept the guy's name Seth,because it was cool,and he was cool,in my views,I find Sam,the name of his friend,bothered me,but without her I can't capture the shadow Pokemon.Now,I remembered,my friend has a bonus disk,that got my Jirachi to my Ruby and I was able to take it to my Pearl during Migrating times,once I got my Pokemon,I was happy,now I wait for her to find the Japanese Bonus Disk with another Pokemon....Celebi! Because I want to feel what it is to get that Pokemon,I envy the Japanese folks,not to be racial or something,but,they get cooler things then we do,and I wish I learned Japanese and was living in an apartment in Tokyo,or Hon Kong.

Then I remembered Pokemon Channel,if we'd had the PAL one,Sammy could get her Jirachi.It was annoying,but if you need something to take care of then,knock yourself dead.Now,XD:Gale of Darkness,was the mega purchase,it was it's date of opening,we were at Toys R Us,we both spotted the game and skins for the Gamecube,we grabbed the two and a copy of the guide.Oh wait,I remembered also,the.....Pokemon Emerald game too,also,Toys R Us,we both bought two,one for Sammy,one for me,I beat the game,and got my favorite,Rayquaza,which I name Ghost fire,because if it's night and it's flying,it'll look like a ghost with glowing markings.
If you ask for my Quaza you can forget it,I worked my butt to get it,and I worked to make it the best Pokemon in my Party,level 100,neat moves,I beat the Elite with it.

I'm proud to be a fan of Pokemon,I have some neat things,like dolls of Pokemon,books,and movies,I love the series,and you can't take that away from me man,I double dog dare you! I really don't understand why people are so cruel to Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh.But I'll never understand.
Now I like to speak of the next games Pokemon Diamond and Pearl,once I got my DS Lite and both copies of Diamond and Pearl,I began to enjoy them well,both me and Sammy started Pearl,Diamond hasn't been beaten yet,I got all my Pokemon the Advance generation onto my Pearl and I'm happy,now I wait for the 3rd game,Pokemon Platinum to come out in March 22nd.

Oh yeah! I want to tell you the events I got to go when I had beaten the game,Pearl!My first event was for Darkrai,my local Toys R Us store [where I used to get my cards from],lucky me,it had it,and I got a cool card that,when you move it,it'll change mascots,when you look at the back of it,it'll have states for the types of Pokemon.
Also,we have a Pokemon $5 off for any game,DS game,but,mom used it for her DS game.My second event was tougher,but well worth,it was the Deoxys event,me and my dad went to the local Gamestop at the Glendale area strip,but the guy at the counter said that they hadn't gotten the thing to give out the space Pokemon.So we went to the mall,Opry Mills,we went to the Gamestop beside Hot Topic and it had the thing,I got my Pokemon and I got the poster that showed how to get the Pokemon.
.My third event was Dragonite,the event was at Toys R Us again,and it had the Pokemon too,lucky me,me,Sammy,and Kris [her friend] went and got our copy of Dragonite,while helping a novice getting her Pokemon.I'm hoping to get Shamyin,and the God Pokemon soon,wish me luck.

I wish you all luck! Don't let the evil people ruin your fun,Pokemon 4EVER!