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VideoGames have come along way. From humble beginnings to a Multi-Billion dollar industry, Gaming's become a major pastime for most of the world. But everything's gotta start somewhere. I'm talking about Advertising. It's basically how we found out about a whole new world. A world where you could fight monsters as a brave Warrior. A place where you could enact parts from your favorite movies. From first seeing an ad about a game on the back page of your favorite comic, or on TV, Advertisement is the medium through which we see the world.

Take A Look...

What comes to mind? For me, it's all memories. Although I didn't have a chance to play all of these legendary systems, I definitely had my fair share of gaming. Last time we looked at Ads encompassing a diverse commercial market. This time we will be focusing primarily on Video game and Console ads. And unlike last time, I'll be adding my 2 cents on these great ads. So fasten your safety restraints, Keep you hands legs and feet in the Tram at all times. And Please, no flash photography.


For awhile yes, Atari was the best thing since sliced bread. Look at that stack of games! I like the Atari's console design. It's Wood veneer and design really scream retro!

Wow! Pretty cutting edge for the early 90's don't you think? I've yet to actually see one of these in real life. I wouldn't mind tracking one of these down on the web. How cool would it be to see the look on your friends faces when you pullout wireless controls. TUBULAR!!!

I feel sorry for kids who bought this thinking it was the next step in gaming. Don't get me wrong, I love Sega, but this system just didn't blow up my dress (Metaphorically speaking)

HOLY S*%+#!! 79.99 FOR NHL 96!! I couldn't sell this game for 1.99 on Ebay! This Ad is especially eye opening to me. Look at the price of Video games back then. Doom was almost 100 dollars! I don't remember games costing that much. No wonder my parents hated Nintendo. Thank goodness game prices have dropped.

Mario, on an Atari? Crazy huh? I'm sure you old timers remember this well. I like how the old Ads included hand drawn illustrations. It gave them more of a kid like feel to them.

I never had a Nomad, but it looks great. Originally released 1995. The Nomad could play Sega Genesis and Mega drive cartridges. It could also be hooked up and played on a regular TV. Sounds pretty cool. Today's hand helds can't say that.

Pretty Impressive looking. The 5200 was the replacement for the 2600. Notice the change in design. No more wood trim, but now a sleek metal band and all black frame. Just a hint at the direction of game console design.

I'm assuming this Ad came towards the end of the Genesis life. The prices seem low. Just look the Handheld GameGear was more expensive. I got my GameGear at Costco. I still remember my amazement at the graphics and the screens brightness. Only till recently did we have a handheld with comparable graphics.

It's hard to believe that these graphics were cutting edge back in the day. But we have to look back and see where things started. Companies like Atari paved the way for better gaming.

What a way to trick your kid into learning! Can't say if it worked or not, but I'm sure more than a few kids pleaded with their parents into getting this, promising better grades the whole way.

Man, I love the GameBoy. The thought of playing games anywhere anytime was always enticing. Take a boy's 2 favorite things; Starwars and Video games. Put them together...The rest is magic.

They must have only interviewed 5 people, because I never heard of the Vectrex system. Ads like this would never get over today. Were talking about games, not toothpaste!

Lynx, I heard tales of this elusive beast but never saw one. It looks huge, bigger than a GameGear! Just another one of the many graphically Superior systems that lost out to Gameboy. Will somebody please write an article about Gameboy and it's competition?!

This game must have been real hard. You could get a free cobra hat if you got to a certain level. I have no idea why Duke would be giving away Cobra merchandise!

Joust, one of the greatest games ever conceived.

This is definitely one of the more peculiar ads. A Kool Aid game? Another thing I like about the 80's and 90's. Video gaming was new and companies were trying to expand anyway possible.

Uh yeah. Before the famous Madden game series, John would endorse game help guides. I guess.

He-Man, need I say more? Well maybe a little. I think almost all of the Atari games were just the same coding but with slight variations in colors and stuff. Another generic game? Depends on who you ask?

You'll notice back then they focused more on presentation than the actual game play. Look at the big colorful picture. While the actual graphics are pinned away at the bottom. Sneaky. I like.

Parker Bros hasn't made video games in awhile. But they sure made some interesting titles.

Become a Jedi while never leaving the house? Sounds good to me.

Here they failed to show game play at all. But they make up for it with a large, appealing art work. I think alot more was placed on the games story back then, on order to compensate for graphics.

This Ad actually gives of a 90's vibe. The dark colors and font for some reason seem ahead of the times.

Magazine Ads are great because you can fill a large page with whatever you want. Here they chose to use a man ripping a magazine to show how tough this game can be. I don't get it either.

Here's a great Ad show casing the newest lineup for the Nintendo console. Look at all those great titles! Notice too the kids playing, there very young. Games back then obviously targeted a younger demographic than today.

This Ad is hilarious! Their advertising those speaker/magnifying glass units you put on Gameboy. This kid better cut it out. Next thing you know he's on his Honeymoon playing DS while his wife is with the Gardner!

A lot of companies were out for Atari's head. This unit boasted a built in screen and interchangeable cartridges. I like this Ad because it showing alot of products and doesn't leave much empty space.

I love the lay out on this Ad. It really captures the eye. Almost reminds me of the back of an old Cereal box.

This is one of my favorite Ads. I love ads that show the systems in action. Back then not many kids had TV's in their rooms. So the GameBoy revolutionized the game anywhere idea. Not to mention seeing the SNES really gives this Ad a retro feel.

I don't know what to make of this product. But you gotta love that chrome font!

EWWW!! This Ad makes me want to purchase some Kleenex! Not a Video game. They were going for shock value in this Ad. I'd say mission accomplished.

Even then Video game makers were targeting girls. Ads like these are rare but show that boys aren't the only ones who play games.

Video game contest are really nice to look at. This was another clever method used by companies. Utilize sweepstakes to increase popularity of games.

Another Star Wars game. Nuff said.

This Ad is unique in that it uses a video game pro to push the product. I wonder what this guy does today? Accounting perhaps?

Finally! With this bad buy I can pull of as many Mortal Kombat fatalities I want. Products like these though rarely go over well. You just can't beat a official controller.

Another visually capturing Ad. Here were told that this game is for tough guys. And considering most gamers are skinny, weak and unsociable, this game was a wonder cure.

Colecovision was one of Atari's main competitors. This Ad could have used some background imagery though. It's a tad plain.

A Chess video game? Oh Boy.

Humility wasn't one of Atari's virtues. They told it how it was. This Ad showcases all of the features of the console. Allowing consumers to make a very biased and narrow decision. Just Joking!

I love this Ad. Because once again it shows a typical 80's teenagers room; Messy.

Well there you have it! I would have liked to have more Nintendo and Genesis Ads but they were hard to come by. I think the reason being is that games were being advertised more on TV. I guess less focus was put into Magazine Ads.

One of the main reason I chose to do this article is because I have a deep fondness for times long past. As I peer into these images I'm taken back in time. But also the Ads capture time. Maybe a hundred years from now there won't be any such thing as Super Mario, but just looking at this you can see there was one guy named Mario. And he was Super.

I don't live in the Past though. But every so often I like to sit back, plug in an old game and just unwind. Lost in a 16 bit world. Riding Yoshi and saving the Princess. Nothing else.

So I hope you guys enjoyed reading this. I hope you are taken back to the days of your youth. Thanks again for reading.