THE PLOT: The cartoon "feature" series The Space Explorers tells the story of a young boy named "Jimmy" who is the son of astronaut, "Commander Perry". Some years earlier, Commander Perry blasted off in his Polaris-I spacecraft for the Planet Mars, and has not been heard from in several years. In the meantime, his friend and assistant "Professor Nordheim" has been building an identical rescueship named the Polaris-II which he plans to use to search for the commander. Unbeknownst to the professor, as the final preparations are made by Nordheim to launch the rescue ship, son Jimmy stows-away in a wooden crate inside the rocket. After a brief countdown, the Polaris-II, with Professor Nordheim and his faithful female assistant and navigator "Smitty" blast off in search of Jimmy's father. After a brief period of time, Jimmy climbs out of the crate and surprises the professor and Smitty with his presence. The trio navigate space together in search of Jimmy's father Commander Neil Perry. The rest of the story and its conclusion are explained on the new "The Space Explorers" website