Not too long ago, I started to get into graphic novels. This started when at my last birthday I received what would become one of my favorite things in general: Watchmen! Watchmen was originally a twelve issue mini series by comic book writer Alan Moore back in the mid 80's. Here's a description of some of the characters.

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Name: Nite Owl
Synopsis: This guy is my favorite character from the book. His real name is Dan Dreidberg. When he was a kid,he was into fantasy and stuff and looked up to the original Nite Owl, Hollis Mason. He took up the mantle of second Nite Owl and fights crime using an owl shaped ship called Archimedes.

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Name: Rorschach
Synopsis: His real name is Walter Kovacs. His mother was a prostitute and she abused him as a child. He had a pretty messed up childhood, including killing a bully. He makes his mask out of a material from a dress made from a material created by Docter Manhattan.He fought street crime with Nite Owl before the Keanes Act outlawed masked crimefighters. He later framed and arrested for murder. He is the one who starts investigating after the Comedian's murder.

Name: Silk Spectre
Synopsis: Laurie Juspeckyz was born to the original Silk Spectre, Sally Jupiter. She was trained to fight crime by her mother and she later has a relationship with Doc Manhattan. Later, when DM leaves Earth, she has a relationship with Dreidberg. She helps him bust Rorschach outta jail.

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Name: Docter Manhattan
Synopsis: Jon Osterman was a research scientist working for the government. He is the only character in the novel with actual superpowers. He got caught in a disenagration(sp?) chamber and over a month's time rematerializes with powers. He can tell the future and has other cosmic powers. He goes to Mars after being blamed for giving people he was previously associated with cancer. He started a relationship with Silk Spectre II when she was sixteen.

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Name: Ozymandias
Synopsis: Adrien Veidt is the so called "smartest man in the world". He retires as a crime fighter two years before the Keanes Act and saying his true identity. He was obessesed with Egyptian culture and mythology and based his superhero identity on it.

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Name: The Comedian
Synopsis: Edward Blake was one of the members of the Minutemen in the 40's. He uses guns and normal weapons to fight crime. He fought in wars for the governtment before an after the Keanes Act was passed. At the beggining of the graphic novel, he gets murdered by being thrown out of a window. This starts the whole story. (Spoilers) He is later revealed to be the biological father of Silk Spectre II.

Watchmen is what got me into graphic novels and I'm glad I read it. It's my absolute favorite. I'm looking forward to the upcoming film version in March. That is, if the whole legal battle between Fox and WB is resolved nicely.