The 80's was a great decade for movies so right now i'm giving you the top ten 80's movies.

10:Clue from 1985

Clue was of the greatest board games ever.But who would ever guess there would be a board game movie.And the weird thing was it was a great movie.This movie was about a group of people who are invited to party.They are invited because they have all been black mailed by a person named mr.boddy.Anyways its a great movie

9:ferris bueller's day off from 1986

This movie is about a high school student who has been faking being sick.So he picks up his friends for a wonderful day.While ferris is avoiding his parents and his school principal its a great movie so go see it

8:Big from 1988

Big is a movie everybody see's its about a kid who wishes that he would be taller but instead he becomes an adult.He has to survive because his mom does not understand but he manages to
earn a lot of money at a toy company.He soon realizes that he misses his friends and family plus you only be a kid once.this movie is a great family film.

7:goonies from 1985

This movie is about a group of kids called the goonies who try to find the treasure of one eyed wille.While they are searching the bad guys try to stop but the goonies.This is great film.

6.Empire strikes back from 1980

Lets face it star wars is a cult phenomenon this movie is probably the best sequel ever are heroes are back to fight the empire.We also get new characters.So this movie is great for the number six spot on the list

5.rocky IV from 1985

Rocky is back he is fighting his strongest opponent yet.So what is rocky going to do why travel to russia and make montages there probably the saddest moments happen in this movie but I will not spoil it.

4.Ghostbusters from 1984

Ghostbusters is about four people who catch ghosts for a living.But soon the head ghost gozer comes to new york.They defeat gozer.And melt the stay puffed marsh mellow man and save the day.great film to watch any time.

3.rocky III from 1982

Rocky is back once again but now rich and famous.I like this one because apollo former heavy weight champion trains rocky to find the eye of the tiger.This movie isn't my favorite rocky movie because my favorite is rocky II and that was made in 1979 but an awesome movie.

2.return of the jedi from 1983

Return of the jedi is my favorite star wars my ever.I like because all the character are trying to free han from jabba everything you wan't is in this movie the death star,vader,billy dee,light saber scenes,and way to many more.This is a movie you have to see.

1.Back to the future from 1985

This is not just my favorite 80's movie its my favorite movie of all time.Its about a teenager who is stuck in the year 1955.And his only way out is the creator of time travel doc brown.This movie is beyond excellent its um lets just use an 80's word its radical

So that's it see ya