Hi Everyone

It's me again.

This time I want to share a piece of my memories regarding a very peculiar place

We all remember the old style McDonald's, BK, etc... back from the 80's.

And i'm sure we all loved the toys and meals, but there was just one place, for me, it was like no other.... Long John Silver's
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When I was 8 year's old, before we moved to California, we lived in el Paso Tx. So you can imagine that sea food places were not around the corner.

This is a restaurant that my family went to dine not to often, it was kind of far from were we lived, so we went there for special ocations.

The very first time I went there, I was so mad becase we didn't went to McD, there I was on the backseat of the car, all grumpy and making faces.

My Uncle took us there, we drove around and he said, seems like a nice place.
He park on the right side of the establishment, when we got off, we walk trough this wooden bridge, like the ones you see at the harbor. That's when it started to get my attention.

When we opened the door, it was amazing, the wooden floor, the rusty looking furniture, rope draped on the wall . Boat -like athmosfere. Even the attendents dressed like pirates, it was so cool.

There was a variaty of meals you could pick from, and to my suprise, there were no burgers, so were the meat? I said.

My uncle recomended on a very polite way (yeah right) the kids meal or Kids platter, if I recall correctly. It came in a treasure box.

Looking at the menu, there didn't appear to be anything that wasn't deep fried. I guess we lived guilt free back then or maybe there wasn't much advertisings about colesterol like today (LOL)

So, the grown ups order a sampler platter
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and we went to take our seats, they were made of wood with blue cushions,

There were some paintings like this one,
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Back then, I had no idea what the ocean smell like, so the smell of that place, a combination of wood, fried fish and imagination, created a scent that for me. It was the sea. (of course that completly changed when I hit the beaches of california once a teenager)

And then,the best part of all, you could get a pirate hat.
black and white with the pirate logo on the top

I wasn't much of a fan of the BK crown, it kind of look dorky for me at that age, don't get me wrong, when I was 5 I loved it, But that funny looking pirate hat, it just made the trip perfect

Once we finish, we had to ring a bell on the wall , if we thought the service was right, it was just rude not to ring.
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This was my first of many trips, unfortunalty , the place is not like this anymore,they have change a lot of the sceanery, it just not the same

Priceless times, priceless memories