Hi Everyone!!!!

Back in the early 80's when I was a young elementary student I was always fascinated by those big, wide and very complex looking computers they show on the movies and some TV series, with all those flashy lights and turning knobs (kind of like star trek enterprise engineering room)
In my mind I always thought they could do anything (like in the movies)

You can imagine my face with a big smile on it (like the "have a nice day" logo) when I got for Christmas ( in 1985 i believe) my first ever personal micro computer

Yes, you got it right, it was the Commodore 64....
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I was totally amazed by this, you could plug it in your TV, it had a sound synthesizer chip built in to it, so you can actually program stuff with music

You could change fonts and some graphics on the screen, I remember some magazines that had reviews and also some programs you can copy to the computer, and when I say copy, I mean actual copy of line by line and letter by letter from the magazine to the keyboard, I had no debugger, so if a made a mistake, I had to go back and check line by line of hundreds.
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You could also get at the store a unit drive, were you can use a 5.1 Floppy disk ( the medium size ones) and they sold lots and lots of games and applications, some articles say the commodore 64 was one of the best selling and most profitable PC at that time.

You were able to choose from a long list of games at that time, like paperboy, pit-stop, ghost and goblins
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One of my favorite games was Jupiter lander, with it's 8 color pallet you could steer a space craft to safety using only thrusters as directional controls and ease it on to a choice of landing bays.
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Simple, but for a 10-year old and a big imagination, step aside capt Kirk!!!

Priceless times, priceless memories

See you next time!!!!