Blythe Dolls first came out in 1972 by the Kenner Toy Company,but were only produced for a year and withdrawn in 1973 because they were a bit too scary for the kiddies.This was because with a pull of a drawstring the doll's eyes would change color.The original Blythe dolls were designed by Marvin Glass and Associates for the Kenner Toy Company,but soon enough Kenner was bought out by Tonka,and then Tonka was bought out by Hasbro.That is how Hasbro accquired the Blythe property.

But before Blythe fled through America,it took off in Japan first.In 1997,a photographer named Gina Garon rediscovered Blythe dolls,and eventually made them popular through her photography.At the International Artists exhibition in Soho,New york,Gina presented her photos to Junko Wong.Junko took these photos back to Parco and showed them in a presentation for sales promotions.And in the summer of 2000,the "This is Blythe" spread was published in the Chronicle Books.To add to Blythes publication,the Christmas 2000 Parco campaign featured Blythe in a commercial and print media.After this,Blythe flew through Japan.

On eBay,vintage Blythes jumped from $35 to $350,and even sold for four times the retail price on Yahoo Auction in Japan.In America,the vintage dolls sold for thousands of dollars,and even the modern dolls today sell from between $50 to $2000.It is rare to ever find a doll under $70.

Ever Since 2000,Hasbro and other companies like CWC have been producing Blythe under a new name as "Neo Blythe".The first Neo Blythe dolls were launched in 2001.Gina Garon created a new spread of the dolls,and presented them at the launching exhibition in New York.

The Parco Limited Edition Blythe dolls contained 1000 dolls,and featured Rosie Red, Holly Wood, All Gold In One, Kozy Kape Inspired, Aztec Arrival Inspired, Sunday Best,and the first year anniversary Miss Anniversary Blythe.The Limited Edition dolls sold out in less than an hour.After this event,more Blythe events and exhibitions rose up around Toyko,and the Blythe fashion progressed rapidly.

Today,there are professionals who can customize these dolls.Adding perminate features such as facial marks,cosmetics,piercings,and other such things.Other accsessories like hair replacements,apparel,and eye chips are traded and sold throughout the internet at such places like Amazon and eBay.

The world will hopefully always retain the beauty of Blythe.Its history may not be as famous,or as intriguing at that of perhaps Batman or the Pet Shop Boys,but with the blink of an eye,the world can change color.

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