Before I begin,
This lyrical Jam,
I'll introduce Myself,
I am The PoStMaN.

Rockin' and Rappin'
Is what I do best,
So let us begin,
This Retro Fest...

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Oh Man, Super Mario!
Fix My Sink,
So It can Flow.

Stompin' Goombas, Koopas,Boos,and More.
Collecting them Coins, Busting Bricks,
Then go knocking Down, Dungeon Doors.

Trying to relax When the day is Done,
But Bowser kidnapped Peach again,
While you was trying, to soak up some sun.

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Donkey Kong is one Mad Ape,
But that is what, Makes him Great.

He likes eating, Yellow Bananas,
And swingin' around'
It's been along time'
Since he touched the ground.

He like Me, Busts some rhymes,
His Cuts are Clean, His style Sublime,

He's a single dad, Raising his kid,
Gotta Give the primate some props,
Cause Diddy Kong, Is one cool Kid.

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Link is Real Quiet,
But Don't be a Fool,
Can't count how many times,
My homie saved Hyrule.

Links real good'
At riding his horse,
Don't challenge him
Or you'll end up,
Like Gannondorf,

The Master Sword,
Aint no Joke,
One deadly Stab,
And you'll feel it's Poke.

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Kirby is one,
Cute Ball of Fluff,
Don't Underestimate,
Cause this marshmallows,
He's Super Tough!

Appetite, is his middle name,
Swallowing up villains,
Is the point of the Game.

Don't think for One Second
That He is Bland,
He's just never around,
Cause he's saving DreamLand.

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I can't believe,
I thought All Along,
I thought you Was a Man,
You should a told me,
Samus Aran.

Your one Hot Babe,
Blasting your gun,
You know it's true,
Girls just wanna have Fun.

Metroids are, your enemy,
Wiped out the Chozo,
That Makes Me Sick,
You got revenge though, in 86

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Well that's my time,
I'm now finished and Done,
How come I aint hearing,
Clapping, from anyone?

It's been real cool,
But I gotta Split
Don't be A Tool,
Always Keepin' Legit.

PoStMan Out,