Hello. This is part 2 of my Stryper article. If you haven't read part 1, turn back now, and read that one. Speaking of turning back now, If you hate Stryper, PLEASE TURN BACK NOW!

Let's start back in 1991 as a recap of what happened then.
Following the release of "Can't Stop the Rock:The Best of Stryper", Michael Sweet went Solo. Oz Fox, Tim Gaines, and Robert Sweet went on without him, unfortunately, a few weeks later, the remaining 3 members of Stryper decided to call it quits.

In 1994, Michael Sweet released his first solo album. It was a departure for him. The reason for that is because, Instead of going for a Melodic Metal style, he ended up going for a more Pop oriented style, sounding like a cross between Bryan Adams, and Jon Bon Jovi. I won't really go through reviewing this album, because I've already done it once. Anyway, you may or may not be asking yourself, What happened to the other three members?
Well, you're just about to find out, starting now.

In 1993, Robert Sweet, and Tim Gaines, joined up with
former Sacred Fire frontman Jimi Bennett, and Former Whitecross guitarist Rex Carroll. This quartet formed King James. A Christian Metal band, that was around from 1993-1997. They released two albums, but following the release of their debut album, Tim Gaines left, and Robert ended up staying until 1996. Shortly after the release of their second album, King James disbanded.

Sindizzy first came into existence in 1997. That featured Tim Gaines, and Oz Fox. A year later Sin Dizzy released their first and last album "He's Not Dead."
According to Bass player Gaines, "Sin Dizzy sounds like a cross between Stone Temple Pilots, and Nirvana." So if you like those two bands, Sin Dizzy is right up your alley.

In 1998, Robert Sweet released his first solo album, "Love Trash." I have not heard this album, so I won't mention much about it. All except for the album cover. It looks so terrible. If it was John Kricfalusi (known for "Ren & Stimpy") who did the album cover art, he shouldn't have done that. I'll tell you, the things people will do for money these days. Anyway, moving on:

The year was 2000. It had been 9 years since Stryper did a concert together. So, all 4 original members decided to hold the very first Stryper expo in New Jersey. The second, and last Expo they did was held in Los Angeles, California. After that, I don't think there were anymore Stryper Expos.

In 2002, Robert Sweet joined a Christian Hard Rock band called Blissed. I don't know much about this band, accept for the fact that they're a Nu-Metal band. anyway, a year later, something happened with Stryper:

7:The Best of Stryper
In 2003, Hollywood Records called all four original members of Stryper, back into the studio, to record two new tracks for 7:The Best of Stryper. This lead to the complete reunion of the band. Anyway, the two previously unreleased tracks were called "Something", and "For You". When I first heard the two new tracks on this album, I was expecting a more retro sound. What I got instead was, a more Alternative Rock, and Post Grunge sound. They were both still good though.

In late 2004/early 2005, Michael Sweet decided to get the original members of Stryper (minus Timothy Gaines)into the studio to record a new album. The name of the album was called "Reborn". I won't say much about this album, since I reviewed it once on one of my other articles. The only thing I'll say about it is, that it's a pretty good album.

Boston's new lead singer

In 2007, Brad Delp (the lead sing of the Secular Rock band Boston) passed away. Now what does this have to do with Stryper? Well, I'm about to answer that. A few months after he died, Tom Scholz decided to do a tribute to Brad. Michael Sweet (who was a huge fan of Boston as a kid, and still is) joined up for the tribute. He got along real well with Tom Scholz, to the point where Michael became their new lead singer.

The Roxx Regime Demos

Another thing that happened in 2007 was, the release of "The Roxx Regime Demos". The tracks on here were the original raw sound recordings from 1983. It also included The original Rock version of "My Love I'll Always Show", as well as a drum solo by Robert Sweet called "tank". This is a great album. In my opinion, it's better than "The Yellow and Black Attack".

Well, we have come to the end of the history of Stryper.
You've heard me mention in my last article that "Murder by Pride", the new Stryper album is coming out. There Question is, Will it be good? Well, It should be. I mean for that album, it sounds like they're returning to their Melodic Metal sound. They're going to do a Boston cover called "Peace of Mind". The line up will include, Michael Sweet, Oz Fox, Tracy Ferrie (who has been Tim's replacement since 2004), and Kenny Aronoff (who used to be the drummer for Cinderella). So yeah. It should be good.

That's all.
Christ be with you.