I have read alot of top ten articials on retrojunk but I havent done one. So here i go (gulp)

10. The Warriors

This movie totally gets me pumped everytime I watch it and it's good fun to. The whole story is totally orignal and it's action packed. Many of the one liner's and the fight scenes are incredibly chessy but it will always be on the top of my top ten list. I have also heard that they are making a remake (gulp.

9.The shining

The totally creepy messed up film is number nine on my list. And this film isnt you normal horror oh no it's a mind trip that will stick like glue to the back of your mind. Even know not many things happen in this film. it's totally scary because of two little girls. It twists and turns into every possible route even many you have never experince (and im talking about the maze).


Hahahaha they got what was coming to them.

8. Pay it foward

'You cant pay it back just do a favour for three people'. this movie just shows how messed up the world is. And still people have hope i love this film it's well thought out and it has great actors.

Question: would you help three people with a big problem what they cant do by them self's (think about it)

Anyway on with the list.

7. Toy story

This movie killed 2D movies but i love it so much. This movie had me up againest my door for hours trying to hear my toy's talking it never happened. I love sid i can totally relate to him. I mean i use to smash up all my toys it was fun and i had no care's in the world. But this movie broke through the boundaries of computers. And with Toy story 3 coming in 2011 and it is going to all be in 3D i think they have killed it.

6. Trainspotting

One word british and it's 100% of that. Drugs are a big part of the world right know but this was the first movie to go there. And it was a big impact on britain in so many way's. It takes you through the junkies daily life stealing, sex and fighting and oh yeah dont forget pumping there arms full of heroin. The whole movie is just a mind trip and it scary's me to death.

White teeth for some lowlifes :D.

Half way there guys.

5. Kids

There is nothing wrong with me for loving this movie right?. For all the people who havent seen this go out and rent it buy it or even watch it on the internet. But this is one of the most important films you will ever see. I mean when you watch it you think to your self 'oh my friend was like that hahaha i have done that wait i know these people'. I hate to think people are like this but hey thats the way it is there isnt such a thing as a perfect world.

4. Edward scissorhands

I rember seeing this movie while i was eating ice cream. And i have loved it ever since. It leaves a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Edward is like a gental Freddy Kruger but his hands get in the way a lot. This is by far the greatest fantasy film of all time and it never gets old. Let's just hope they dont remake it (touch wood).

3. Juno

'hey thats not retro' shouts oldman. hear me out for like 2 minutes. this is by far one of the greatest most inspiring films i have ever seen. the whole journey she goes through is just a great piece of film a most see.

2. The breakfast club

I totally have a bunch of friends just like these guys. I saw this for the first time not to long ago it was totally the coolest smoothest film i have ever seen. this is by far one of the best teen movie EVER!!!!. When they get high is just to funny and when they start talking about what would happen the following week. This is a just a great piece of film.

1. Back to the future

I can watch this all day and never get bored of it. I rember trying to make a time machine but it never worked :(. I have to much to say in a such a short amount of time but hey. The whole movie is smart and that why a love it. Marty is just to cool for school 'that explains why he is always late' a dust ball goes past.

So that is it for my artical.