In this incredibly different episode of Futurama; Fry find remnants of his old dog: Seymour in his old job's desecrated remains.

When Fry finds seymour's charred carcas on the "Site" he tries to petition to get the remains of his best friend.

As the story progresses, fry keeps seeing flashbacks of his old pup and how big freinds they were.

He get's Seymour and tries to find a way to bring him back to life. Luckily, the Professor devolps a way of cloning.

As they proceed to bring seymour back, Bender's jealousy gets the best of him, and throws seymour into the lava pit. Soon to find his mistake, Bender dives into the lava and retrieves the dog, which is suprisingly intact! They proceed again, but Fry changes his mind because he thinks that Seymour doesn't care about him/forgot.

Now, the sad part; The very end shows seymour's days without Fry, waiting and waiting for Fry to come back...
Through snow, summer, and spring, he patiently waits...IT WAS SO SAD!!! I cried at this part (being an animal lover) and to this day, I can't watch it!

To conclude, Futurama is a great and hilarious show, but who would've thought they would go so deep into the sadness of the whole topic...Just seeing Seymour sad reminded me of another depressing dog...

Oh, what's that name again?

Ahh, it doesn't matter anyway!