In the 80's Barbie is a Superstar with:

*Glamorous dresses,
*Beautiful and perfect smile
*Sparkling Jewelry
*And the slogans: We girls can do anything, rigth Barbie &We're Into Barbie

This are some barbie of 80's:

Superstar Barbie (1988)

Dreamtime Barbie (1984)

Style Magic Barbie (1988)

Doctor Barbie (1987)

Jewel Secrets Barbie (1986)

Angel Face Barbie (1982)

Dream Glow Barbie(1985)

Pink & Pretty Barbie (1981)

Sweet Roses P.J. (1983)

Dance Magic Barbie (1989)

Golden Dream Barbie (1980)

Barbie and the Rockers (1986)

Peaches N' Cream Barbie (1984)

Note: The images were taken from the respective commercial