The Dictionary defines Popular Culture as "A contemporary lifestyle and items that are well known and generally accepted, cultural patterns that are widespread within a population."

I have been on this planet for approximately 22 years. Although not a long time by any standards, I have seen and observed a few things in my life time so far. In particular I wanted to do something a little different. The whole article will be composed of images. 80's and 90's Magazine ads, to be specific. I don't want to interrupt with unnecessary commentary. So I will hold off till the end. If you have read this far, please Keep reading, or rather, viewing![/text]


It's the way we see the world. In terms of merchandise. I'm talking about all those ads you would see in magazines and at the end of Comic books. So come with me on a visual tour, RetroJunk Style...BEWARE, I don't want disrupt the visual flow so there will be no text till the end.

If the old adage is true that a picture says a thousand words, then this will be the longest article you'll ever read!

Phew! I'm beat! For those of you who are thinking "Dude, this article was just pictures, what did it take you, 15 minutes to do?" I wish. I have been compiling these pictures ever since I joined here. I spent countless hours tracking down some of those rare video games ads. If you went through this quickly, go back again and really look at the ads. You can learn alot.

I may turn this into a series of articles depending on how this one is received. I can go into specific categories like video games, toys, food- you name it!

Well I hope you guys enjoyed looking at this. I really enjoyed making it. So long...for now!