In this article I would love to spend some time on Krang, a great 80's cartoon villain. This character is the most original creature in the cartoon world, along with Skeletor.


What I loved the most about the 80's cartoons was that they were incredibly original and introduced some of the most outlandish characters ever.I mean, how crazy is that? a talking evil brain in the stomach of a robot body that looks like a fat naked guy with 80's sunglasses and red underpants.
Krang was the ultimate badass because he was the boss of the main villain who rarely did anything more than giving orders.
Krang is a very sadistic creature. He enjoys seeing others suffer and laughs from his own sick jokes. He just loves to see Shredder miserable not only because he doesn't like him (or anybody else for that matter), but simply because - like he said himself - he enjoys seeing others in pain.Krang is very stern and like all the bad guys in cartoons, he punishes his goons and is simply soaked with evil. His voice is highly original , not to mention his evil cackle and the slime coming out from him.
Krang was a warlord from Dimension X who was never defeated and who never failed until his encounter with the Turtles. He was a great mastermind and won many wars until he got banned from his world and stripped from his body. For those who are wondering what Krang's natural and original body looked like, you can see it in the episode called "Invasion of Krangezoids" where Krang cloned himself multiple times. His clones grew full bodies, revealing that Krang originally had a lizard like body

Krang teamed up with Shredder and as we know started the quest to conquer Earth. In the episode "Shreddered and Splintered" Shredder finally constructs a robot body for Krang out of the blueprints he gave him. The body was full of all kinds of weapons and was even able to change sizes.

The body was so powerful that the turtles almost got wiped out by it when it was accidentally reprogrammed by Bebop and Rocksteady.Also, in the very last episode of the TMNT series that started in 1987, The Turtles themselves used it to fight the evil Draag.

Krang was released in few different forms in the toy world, but this one takes the cake

Here's another interesting collectible. This is NOT ME in the picture. A nice Halloween outfit

Eventually Krang's cybernetic body was destroyed and Krang had to settle on a small transporting device commonly called a bubble walker.

And here's the guy who voiced that evil creature, Pat Fraley

Since Krang wasn't tthe part of the original TMNT comic books or storyline, and was created by the 1987 cartoon, he was almost completely omitted in the 2003 version. His appearance was reduced to a short cameo in the episode called "Secret Origins Part 3". In the new TMNT krang is one of the Utroms, alien creatures who use human-shaped exosuits to disguise themselves as human beings. Utroms are good guys who got stranded on earth while escorting a criminal Utrom, Ch'Rell (who eventually becomes Shredder).
Here's Krang in the new series on the left

And here's one of the Utroms in the exosuit

As much as I can't stand the new versions of the 80's cartoons and think they're lifeless and flat, I'm happy they were done because at least it picked up some interest in Turtles again