I started not to post this because how can you talk about music without being able to hear it. Then I got to thinking, if your memory of these films is anything like mine, then the music will being playing though your mind as you read.

The Delta Force
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Is there anything Chuck can't do? Not only is this movie one of my favorites from the 80's but the theme used in it still makes me want to go fight terrorist. article image The best use o this music was at the end of the film. The scene shows the airline passengers and their families celebrating their rescue. In the back ground, without fanfare is the heroes of Delta Force loading their dead and wounded into a C-103 transport plane. Just as you start to feel sad for the fallen, the Delta Force theme starts and then you understand. That's what heroes do. They don't stand around waiting to be thanked. They do their duty, pick up their gear, and move out to the next mission. article image I think the last few minutes of that film shaped the way I looked at my military service and current profession more then any other childhood memory.

Robo Cop
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When the theme to Robo Cop started you knew justice was about to kick some butt. Although not the best sci-fi film ever made. You have to admit that its theme does stand out as one of the best movie themes from the 80's. I won't say where it would rank in a list of Best Music from 80's films (that's another article) but I would say it's a safe bet that it would be in the top 20. The music for this film conveyed to you the awesome power of Robo Cop and at the same time reminded you of the tragedy of his creation. The guy after all was gunned down by a gang led by the dad from That 70's Show. article imagearticle image

Beverly Hills Cop
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You know you started laughing the moment to saw the title for this one. Beverly Hills Cop is one of Eddie Murphy's best films. This movie was full of great music moments but what puts in this article is the main theme for the film, Axel F by Harold Faltermeyer. Where the theme to Robo Cop took you to the dark heart of justice, Beverly Hills Cop's took you to its funny bone.
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Top Gun
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Okay, who didn't want to join the Navy after this film? I'll be the first to admit that when I decided to join the military I had the Navy in mind because of this film. Unfortunately the moment I saw one of the recruiters in that white sailor outfit I got up and walked next door to the Army (Strike Hold!). The opening theme to this film almost made you feel like you were flying as you listened to it. It allowed you to completely relax during the film's opening moments. article image
Only to be suddenly ripped from that relaxed state and thrown into the Danger Zone. The "Top Gun Anthem" was another incredible piece of music by the same man that brought us the theme from Beverly Hills Cop, Harold Faltermeyer.

I know there are a number of other greats titles that should have been listed. Star Wars: ESB, Goonies, Rambo, Space Balls just to name a few. Time just won't allow me to sit here and write about them all.

note: For thos of you wondering what "Strike Hold!" means, look up the U.S. Army's 504th P.I.R.