I read that article on here about Disney movies. One movie that I think is great but is constantly forgotten is this one. 20 years ago this movie was the hit of the summer back in 1988.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit was one of my favorite movies growing up and to this day it still is. With all these crappy CGI movies made, its interesting to point out this animated live action movie was all hand drawn. EACH FRAME!! No use of computers. Roger Rabbit,. Jessica., The Weasels, Baby Herman were all drawn into the movie. So when I see horrible CGI movies like Garfield or Underdog, I cannot help but think those movies still cannot hold a light to this award winning movie. Walking in Best Buy I happened to come across this movie on DVD and got it. I remember getting it on VHS tape for my Birthday as a kid. I since moved out and no longer have the tape. But the DVD is great. Lots of behind the scenes stuff on it.

Some of the things done in this live action animated movie were quite ground breaking for it's time. Just watching a behind the scenes look at the making of the movie gives you a new found respect for movie making. Where else can you see an animated car chase sequence or find yourself walking in Toontown. Yeah I know they made some movie called Coolworld, which was a total rip off of this movie. But this was much much better.

I am surprised how this movie is not talked about as much. Maybe its been overshadowed by others. But I would say this movie was a big monumental achievement in story telling and special effects. So what's your favorite scene in the movie? I do not even know where to start it was done so well.

I remember the popularity of the movie was so big and the merchandising was so popular I do not know why they did not make a cartoon series out of it. A video game was made out of it, toys, action figures and lunch boxes were made. I had a lunch box. I was so disappointed they did not make a cartoon series out of it. I really think it would have faired well.

They did make some Roger Rabbit shorts like Tummy Trouble, Trail Mix Up and Roller Coaster Rabitt. But that was about it. I wish they made a sequel or something but they would probably tarnish the original movie and use CGI which would not be true to its real animated roots of the early days of cartoons. I guess a sequel would be a bad idea considering what can happen after all these years.