hello everyone! i just waned to talk about the friday the 13th series. then and now there are many chapters to this movie. it all started out when a boy named jason died from drowning to death.very sad pam voorhees had seeked for revenge on the teens for not watching him. thats the summary for part 1. but part 2 was when someone else came. the jason voorhees. with a bag over his head he seeks revenge for teens because they killed his mom. part 3 my fav had his multi milleonare new style. a hockey mask (stolen). and he still is going for teens. part 4 the final chapter was pretty much the same . jason kills on teens after coming from the morgue. part 5 the new begging . why should i bother people should not even count this as a part. its just a copy cat killer. sorry no jason. part 6 jason lives. this is when jason is way past bad to the bone. hes still after teens. part 7 a new blood. i got a action figure from this chapter of jason. still trying to hunt down teens he kills gets killed comes back thats the order. part 8 jason takes manhattan . one of the stupid ones. jason sneaks onto a ship kills some people they get away go to new york and so on. jason gos to hell part 9 the final friday . so how many times have they said final? still the most dumb friday ever! he gets blown up his inner evil gets people and has controll over there body. trying to get to another voorhees to take his shape again . dumb right?
now for the last jason x. he gets frozen gets re animated in the year 2455. and ...... he kills. so i told you you about all the old ones so now they are makeing a remake. friday the 13th series rocks on. some times you can find thing of it. the movies are easy to find. fridays are a great series but there is some problems.

1. some have to much nude
2. some are pretty easy to find mistakes
3. they change the look of his face to much
4. his hockey mask changes at points
5. they make people loose the meaning

so they have bad things but good things....

1. lots of gore
2. his face looks cool
3. it mostly stays to the story.

there is lots more of good stuff but lets not waste our time. toys. there are even toys of these. action figures video game ect. i even have a toy jason. and yeah. and every haloween in stores with costumes there is a jason costume there. jason and his mom will always be known to man (i think..). well i might make a part two to this but all i could say know is see ya. but also any questions just ask me. so see ya!