God, this show is the best thing ever. I only just started watching "Brotherly Love", but now I love it.

Anyways, the show cenetred around 3 brothers, one (Joe) was 20, the other, (Matt) was 15, and the youngest, (Andy) was 7. After Joe's Dad died, he returned to the town where his 2 half-brothers live, Pensylvania, to collect his Dad's share of the family business, a motor repairs workshop.

Matt was known to be somewhat crazy, in his younger years he liked making "Matt water" and other weird stuff. He is also a bit of a health freak and always folds his socks

Andy has a wild imagination and was seen in various different suits, like Spiderman and Wolverine. He and Matt look up to Joe as a father figure since they lost their Dad.

This was an ace show and you can still watch it on You Tube, as most of the episodes are already up, the rest will be avaliable soon. The users account is "finash6" (not me).

Long Live Brotherly Love!