I'm hungry for pizza.
What type? Pizza Hut? Little Caesars? A local place?
Oh, I know!

Every time I think of Domino's Pizza, I think of The Noid. The Noid was the coolest mascot for the food industry. He had so many things that were so cool.

He was different from a lot of the other mascots. He tried to destroy Domino's Pizza, but failed trying every time.

There he is failing on breaking into the Dome of Quality

...And again, but this time he tried crushing it and got crushed.

Oh! It looks like he got the unknown brand pizza.

[b]Yet he froze everything including himself, but not the Domino's Pizza!

You know about the many times he has failed, but I bet you didn't know of some of this stuff I am about to show you.

[b]Here he is in a Toys "R" Us commercial.[b]

There are actually 2 Noid games. Avoid the Noid was released in 1989 for the Commodore 64 and Yo! Noid was relased in 1990 for the NES.

Also Yo! Noid is actually known in Japan as Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru for the Famicom. They are both made by Capcom, and they look very similar. Just look for yourself.

Yo! Noid

Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru

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