okay no pics this is my first articale so tell me how i did so since it's so close to halloween i made this some urban legends i heard of growing up

Bloody mary
now this is classic the legand was retold many times so i tell you the ones i heard of it's relley simpile just say bloody mary 3 times in a mirror at night with door closed and marys face appers in the window no she ussely sometimes 1.traps you in the mirror 2.kill you in some way and 3.rip your eyes out so i never tried it yet but my friends have and lived

the liked hand
now the story goes as little girl's parents leave on a trip and girl closed all windows but the one in the basement so she closed the door to the basement now she has a dog some times it's a german sherperd or collie that lies by here bed now goes to sleep and at about 9'clock she heres a drip drip drip noise and she puts here hand down to her dog and here dog licks here hand.12'clock she heres drip drip drip noise she puts here hand down and gets here hand licked by here dog.Next day she goes to take a shower and on the showerhead her dog is hanged and the driping noise was her dogs blood and in her dogs blood dthe killer writes on the humans can lick two now in lighter versions the dog is locked in the basement but in darker versions the girl is killed

so that is all i can think of right now i might to a remake of this with more but if you liked it i am happy but if you hated it i promise i will try better next time