What I miss

I miss the chain saw like sound of the all terrain tyres on Army Land Rovers as they drove past.
I miss the smell of the canvas of Army tents and 4 tonne lorry load covers.
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I miss the feeling of freedom as the school bell announced the end of the school day and the beginning of the summer holidays.
I miss the long warm German summers that seemed endless and everlasting.
I miss the excitement of rolling my swimming gear into a beach towel, fastening it to the back of my bike and riding as fast as I could to the swimming pool.
I miss the sense of magic that surrounded the holidays like Christmas and Halloween.
I miss my toys and friends being my only care in the world.
I miss the walks my Dad used to take me on.
I miss the visits to the wildlife parks where we would walk for hours feeding deer and watching ducks land in the duck pond.
I miss the way of life I took for granted in Germany.
I miss watching Dad fire up the barbecue and dowse it with a splash of Herford beer when it got too hot.
I miss the soldier banter between my Dad and his friends.
I miss being able to sit on Dad's lap and help him park a 4 tonne Army truck.
I miss the fishing trips Dad took us on.
I miss the spontaneous drives around the German countryside Dad took us on.
I miss only just being able to see above the passenger side dashboard and listening to Dad singing to Kenny Rogers.
I miss being fascinated my the trivial things in life and discovering new things
I miss my friends from back in the days.
I miss the family entertainment laid on by the Army, the half oil drum barbecues, the games and the atmosphere.
I miss when being a big brother was fun.
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I miss the sense of adventure when moving house every 2 years.
I miss all the friends I left behind.
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I miss the Deutschmark.
I miss the morning dew on the school playing fields
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I miss my sun bleached blond hair and tanned complexion.
I miss the simple choices of whether to play my NES or go outside.
I miss watching my Dad iron his uniform.
I miss visiting Dad at his work and listening to the Army humour.
I miss the stories all the corporals and sergeants had to tell.
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I miss the garden parties where half the barracks turned up.
I miss being in civil surroundings where no one swore at you and discipline ruled.
I miss the way Dad would try to fool me into thinking my Christmas presents wouldn't be what I had hoped for.
I miss Dads smile
I miss Dads words of wisdom and his every day lessons of life.
I miss Dad being there when we opened our christmas presents
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I miss my Dad, I miss him a lot.
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