In March, 1941, Captain America hit the shelves in comic stores all around the world. His values and ideals of justice would see over 200 million copies sold in 75 different countries translated in over 12 different languages. He would be the spark that would ignite millions of young Americans realization that they to could fight tyranny and oppression, and should, no matter who they are, or who they aren't.

Steve Rogers is a weak and often very fragile young man, until he takes the Super Soldier Serum(SSS) and become the nations "Perfect" soldier. Red, white and blue are his colours, and in one hand he hold the values and freedom of every individual, and in the other hand a shield woven together by patriotism.

Captain America was created by Joe Simmons, and the late legendary Jack Kirby in 1940. Marvel comics (Then known as Timely Comics") immediately approved Cap for the thumbs up to have him in his own comic book, although questions and doubt arose as some people believed that he was to much based on DC's Superman (The first superhero) only 3 years prior. They took a risk, and the risk paid of big time, with the first issue scoring 1 million copies sold in the first month alone.

In march 1941, The first issue was released, with the front cover of the book having a picture of Captain America punching Adolf Hitler in the jaw, the world got its first lucky glimpse into Americas greatest hero.
Month after month, year after year, Captain America and his sidekick Bucky battled against the Axis of evil, he fought Russians, Japanese and Nazis, and would continue to win the hearts of millions of liberty-loving people around America and the world.

Just when everything seemed to be going so smoothly, 1945 would see the defeat of the Axis, Hitlers death, and the surrender of the Nazis. Also the death of Captain America. With the war over, and the Allies victory, Cap would have no tyrants to battle, no secret missions into dangerous, Russian laboratories, no sabotaging German war plans and defeating their generals. For more then 9 years Captain America was all but forgotten.

Martin Goodman (Founder of Marvel Comics) still wanted the show to go on. The Human Torch was still doing really well, selling thousands of copies, Kirby was also sketching rough ideas for a new group of heroes who would become the Fantastic Four, but none were quite like Cap.
Frustrated by the countless mail they received from die hard Cap fans, Simmons and Kirby would sit down to plot a new story for Captain America. What did happen to him after the Axis of evil was destroyed? Did he return home and continue to fight crime? Wait... What if Captain America never lived to see the war over?! What if on some secret mission to destroy a nuclear weapon, he ended up in a coma some how? Or what if the blast of a missile knocked him unconscious and plunged him into the deep and freezing waters of the north Atlantic! Yes! Thats it!

December 1954 would bring back the "Perfect" patriot. It was released in "The Avengers #4" when a group of young superheroes known as "The Avengers" were scouting the depths of the Atlantic they came across a Steve Rogers who was buried in a cube of ice. They brought him aboard their submarine only to find out he was not dead, but in suspended animation. When they removed his war tattered WWII garments, they found the blue white and red stripes of Captain America, thats when they realized who he was.
After they revived him at the Avengers HQ, they told him the whole story, how his girlfriend had died, and Bucky, his faithful sidekick had been killed. Not being able to deal being in a new world, he left for solitude and asked himself a lot of questions. Did this new world need him? After a long and emotional time alone, he returned to lead the Avengers, and return as Americas greatest hero.