Who did'nt wake up on Saturday morning with the biggest bowl they could find, filled with sugary crunchy cereal. But since there is already a plethora of articles on that subject, I'm going to venture down a road less traveled. This road is one traveled by mostly kids from the midwest. The kids who remember waking up on Sunday morning to watch; Tom Servo, Crow T. Robot, Micheal J. Nelson, Brain Guy, Dr. F, TV's Frank, Bobo The Monkey, Pearl, Cambot, Gypsy, and the entire wacky cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000.
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This artcile is for you if you can hear"In the not too distant future........" and can finish that theme song by heart you have found your home here in this article.

From personal experience I remember getting up on Sunday morning with my dad and watching this great TV show. Now granted I was roughly 12-13 when I watched this show and even though the humor was tailored mainly towards adults, if my dad was laughing then I was chiming in as well. My favorite cast member was definitely Crow T. Robot.
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His antics were by far some of the most random and downright silly. However the entire cast sure did make me laugh an awful lot.
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I could get into the whole who was a better host Mike or Joel, frankly I just dont care it was all funny to me.

Now as an adult myself I just enjoy the episodes and the humor to the fullest. The best episode has got to be "The Final Sacrifice". It is so freaking funny.

I know this is not much of a substance arcticle, but I just wanted to generate a few more articles about the show on here, I have not seen many. I'll get up to writing a much better article one of these days. I was going to tonight, but I just got the biggest case of the itis I feel a nap is more appropriate. Hope you all enjoyed.