Fable is an rpg that came out in 2004 that spawned two other squels but I will focus on the original Fable I.

I remeber the first time i heard of the game, at the time our home had no internet so i really relied on TV for advertising. The trailer was epic it show cased how you could chose who you wanted to be, a honorable hero or a the ulimate villian the choice was yours this automatically drew me in.

As an emotional teen i wanted to be the bad guy, naturally. After a few hours of begging and a quick drive to walmart the game was mine. YES!

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Popped it in and whoa. I was blown away by game of course less than a few hours in ,but still i was intrigued.

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The story was a story of revenge, having everything you knew and love being burned away. Having lost everything, no place in the world, being alone. You are saved by a strange looking man named Mace. Although at first apprehensive you are trained in the art of magic, sword fighting, archary. Then as you grow up you set out for your adventure and to find the ones responsable

It was epic i loved it, you could chose quests that were tailored to the person you wanted to be wheter that be a savor or the devil himself. For example you could save a town from bandits or help the bandits.

Along with quests there were skills and spells to master and serects to unlock. If you married the right person you could unlock certain weapons or solve the Demon door's riddle and go in to see what you unlocked.

That was one of my fav things about this game you discover more and more with each play through. If you were going down the path of good your character would go super saiyian as in blues, blonde hair and oh a little halo with butter flies. Now the path of evil you got red eyes, flies following you, you go bald and badass horns epic.

This game had all this and more wheter helping ghost, getting drunk, doing restate, or compete in a fight club.

Fable was game that did more than entertain me, it let me be who i wanted. I actually still play this game today i have the squels but i don't know they aren't as good as the original for me.

So if you have 360 you might have Fable II or III but make sure you pick up Fable I and at 9 bucks its a steal.