In the cartoon world there are certain heroic groups that, in a moments notice, will come to our rescue. But even they need someone to lead and show them how to act in the face of danger. This article is dedicated to those souls who stepped up to the challenge, of leader.


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lets face it,when your job is capturing the craziest spooks in the world, its hard to stay calm and collected. But this guy pulls it off. his fellow ghostbusters would allways ridicule his somewhat monotone way of speaking and his use of longer that necessary vocabulary, but, his dimeanor is allways that of a level headed scientist first, which is something you need when your looking in the face of a giant spectoral beast.


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The young leader of a group of warriors on an alien planet. when his ship left thunderra he was a child. when he awoke from a cryogenic sleep, he was a man. Given the sword of omens, he was given the task of leading his superiors thru the rigors of finding out about thier new homeworld. Not to mention the fact that there was an ancient evil named mummraa hellbent on destorying them. even with all that on his young shoulders, he was able to lead his team and fulfill his destiny.


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A ninja in every sense of the word. he takes in every lesson his master splinter teaches and uses it to not only perfect his skills, but the skills of his brothers. there was a time when leo did not look at himself as the leader. but his concern for his brothers and his master gave him the strength to take the mantle, and take it very seriously. he is constantly fighting with his brothers over when to fight and when to play, but they allways end up following him wherever he goes.

#2 DUKE (G.I. JOE)

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A true soldier. One of the most respected and looked upon officer among the ranks of G.I. joe. He has the training and the ability to take practically any rank he wants. Even though he is officially second in command to Flint, First Sergeant Conrad S. Hauser believes his place is with his troops on the field. He is allways about the mission, but will do whatever it takes to keep the lives of his squad safe. Even if it means sacrificing his life. In the G.I. joe movie, duke sacrificed himself to save his brother, lt. falcon. a true leader.


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He encompasses the very definition of leadership. Brave, compassionate, and allways willing to protect life, he has sworn an allegiance to good, whether its on his home planet of cybertron or here on earth. He was reluctant leader when he was given the matrix of leadership at the beginning of the great war with the decepticons. He took the knowledge that was passed on thru the centuries and became the last great leader of the autobots. He is the most powerful of the autobots, but he is reluctant to show just how powerful he really is. A soft spoken, somewhat childlike demeanor, hides the soul of an embattled warrior that has seen death and destruction from all corners of the galaxy. He has seen his homeworld die right before his eyes, and he doesnt want the same to happen to our world. unfortunatly, in transformers the movie, optimus prime was killed in an epic battle with megatron. Like all great leaders, he sacrificed himself in order to save hot rod from megatrons blast. He was later resurrected and retook the throne of leader of the autobots. thru countless incarnations of the transformers, one thing remains constant, Optimus Prime IS the one and only leader of the Autobots.

well there it is, top 5 leaders. i hope you liked it. stay tuned for my top 5 saturday morning villains. coming soon.