This is my version of Top 10 Video Game Babes in the 80's-90's.

10. Ulala - Who can't forget this cosmic chick? Since 1999, she is the news reporter in SC5. Check out her famous orange clothes, and pink hair.

9. Samus Aran - The ORIGINAL female video game hero. She has that cool orange and red metallic space suit with green arm cannon.

8. Mai Shiranui - The first SNK female fighter. Move out Chun Li!

7. Morrigan - This Bulma-looking succubus couldn't stand a chance. Compare to her pink-haired clone, Lillith. Next!

6. Pastel - Here she is! The original Konami babe! Sure you barely recognize her, but she's in Konami Krazy Racers on GBA!

5. Claire Redfield - She can whoop zombies' asses WAY better than Jill Valentine!

4. Kasumi - The first Tecmo female fighter. Do NOT confuse her with Kasumi (AKA Misty in the US) on Pokemon.

3. Sophitia Alexandra - One of the best Soul Calibur characters next to Talim.

2. Emi - From DDR, this purple-haired chick has no chance of dance.

And finally...

1. Peach - The 2nd Nintendo female character (the 1st was Lady in the game Donkey Kong (This is what Mario's first debuted, but named Jumpman)).