It was a cold winters day in the fall of 1996, being a 10 year old on a wet and boring day prompted only one thing. Going with your mum and dad to visit your aunty. Fortunatley this was a aunty that was young, being my mums youngest sister she was only 24 at the time and the "rebel" of the family. She got together with a new boyfriend named Jim, he sold drugs and had alot of money from doing it. He always had new things for me and my brother, like a gameboy, or computer games. Sitting in the back seat of the family Toyota Camry station wagon, as we drove out of the drive way, i pondered what new and exciting stuff would my aunty and "uncle" have.

My dad quickly parked underneath the apartment buildings garage and we hurried out of the car and up the stairs, as it was still raining very heavily. My mum knocked on the door and a "Come in" could be herd from inside, "Im preparing dinner", so we let ourselves in, after taking off our shoes ofcourse. I quickly hurried inside and gazed around the room, my eyes looking for something new and interesting, the first thing i noticed was the new large screen TV they had just bought, i was impressed, but i was looking for toys and new gadgets and stuff, i didnt care about the TV.

Realising that the only new thing they had purchased were 3 black leather Samurai swords on a stand, i was dissapointed and slowly placed myself on the couch.
My aunty came and hugged me, and gave me a plate with chops and fries, i asked her where Jim was she said in the shower. Then she looked at me and said do you want to play the new console he bought? My eyes lid up, i looked up at her and said yes, looks like this day wasnt going to be boring after all.

She went over to the new tv and opened the glass cabanet underneath it, and then i saw it. The grey colour, the rectangular shape, Yes it was! My first ever meeting with the Playstation.

I was so excited, i slid across the floor timber floor and quickly examined this new phenomena i had herd so much about. Sleek design, comfortable controller, and the best thing of all, this thing didnt run on cartridges like my SNES at the time, but it worked on CD's! They only had 2 games at the time, and these 2 games would still to this day be my all time favourite games on the Playstation. The original Tekken, and Tomb Raider.

Naturally, being a boy, i went straight for the fighting game Tekken. I chose Paul, i whooped ass, and that was history, Paul would become my destroying machine against anyone that stood in the way more then 10 years later.
After finishing Tekken, i was reluctant to put in Tomb Raider, staring at the cover i realised this game would take a long time to pass, and solving problems wasnt my thing.

After my aunty convincing me that the gameplay was fun and the storyline was thrilling i decided to give it a go. After all the graphics of Tekken combined with the size of my uncles TV, and the high quality surround system he had, gave me goosebumps, so i took Tekken out, and put the Tomb Raider CD firmly in place. And this is where it all began for me. After watching the cool intro of the town in mexico getting blown up and the wolves killing that dude she was with, i was amazed and already loved it.

Without getting into to much detail, Your on a epic mission to find the mysterious artificat known as the Scion, legends say it holds untold power. You travel through history-forgotten lands and extinct civilizations to ultimatley find all the pieces of it. You battle against wolves, bears, demons, to hunters and gorillas. This game trully gave you a isolated and alone feeling, and set a standard in detail and gameplay. You can jump on ledges, perform amazing acrobatic skills and fight with a arsenal of weapons from shotguns, to duel-uzzis.

The awesome team at Eidos, the same guys that brought us the epic Thief serious released late last year the original remake of Tomb Raider for the PS and 360, titled Tomb Raider Anniversary. Its almost a 100% duplicate of the original, the main thing being graphics are much better, and they have added new levels and areas for our liking.

Thank you for reading this article, i hope to come up with more soon on this dark and rainy day, in 2008, just like that dark and rainy day in 1996 :) Chao!