[size=16][b]Nickelodeon Had A Few(Or More)Nicktoons Since The First 3 Nicktoons Permire In 1991

Okay,Herrrrrrre's The Article!

In 1999,Nickelodeon Aired Spongebob Squarepants For The First Time.The Show Itself Got The Popularity From Rugrats.I Think Over The Years The Show Got More Popular,And Every Time Rugrats Was On,I Guess People Turned Off Nickelodeon Until The 30 Minutes Was Done.
Later,Rugrats Was Finally Cancelled In 2005(People Call This The "Rugrats Jump The Shark"Moment)

Before Rugrats Was Cancelled,I Used To Like The Show,I Have A Few Rugrats Videos In My Collection.

The Sucess Of Spongebob Squarepants Lead The Show To Be 1 BIG Movie In 2004,I Guess The Teaser Trailer Permired The Day Rugrats Go Wild(2003,1 Year Before The Movie Permired In Theathers)I Used To Have The Movie On DVD.The Show Is On It's Way To A New TV Movie(Or Special)The Pest Of The West,Wich Is Coming Soon In 2008.

Spongebob Squarepants DVD's Are Sold In Stores.I Have A LOT Of Spongebob DVD's In My Collection.I Also Have The Season 3 Box Set(above)And Season 4 Volume 1.I Want To Get Season 4 , Volume 2.And Later In The Future,I Wold Get Season 5 Both Volume 1 & Volume 2

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