The Article is deticated to the most under rated album of the 1980's. Im talking of coarse about Come Out And Play by Twisted Sister. The album was released in 1985 when I was in preschool, and on a shopping trip with my Mom to the mall she bought it for me because I thought it looked cool..... And that changed everything.

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For most people the only album of Twisted Sister worth buying was Stay Hungery it was played all over MTV all the time. I even sang Were Not Gonna Take It as my preschool graduation song. I managed to get a few lines out before I was stopped, I was however meet with loud cheers from my younger Aunts and Uncles. All im trying to say is if you havent heard this album its a must. I had Come Out And Play on cassette which, for me, was the only way I could get my rock on in 1985 and believe it or not I played my tunes on some cheezy Fisherprice cassette player.

Come Out And Play

Side One-
Come Out And Play
Leader Of The Pack
You Want What We Got
I believe In Rock N' Roll
The Fire Still Burns

Side Two-
Be Chrool To Your School
I Believe In You
Out On The Streets
Lookin Out For #1
Kill Or Be Killed
*Bonus Track* King Of The Fools

As far as songs go Come Out And Play was the first song and the best song on the album. Its funny becasue that cheezy Fisherprice cassette player I Mentioned earlier had a record button that I accidently pressed at the begening of the song to create a 1985 timecapsule of my voice saying " Yeah this things got batteries but why wont it play" then the rock begins. It's Still Hilarious even 27 years later. Basically the song in my opinion, and many others on the Net, is a tribute or somehow related to the late 70's movie The Warrior's.

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Number 2 - In my book has to be Lookin Out For Number #1 becasue they just keep saying "lookin out for number #1" and then someone yells NUMBER #1 ! Its your typical 80's rock goodness.

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Number 3 - Hands down is The Fire Still Burns, Its a power metal ballod with an awsome line "But its not true, nothing I ever do seems to ease my fury, get out of my way I'm the hangman today, and the judge and jury". This is a truley awsome 80's power rock ballod and I bet half the people reading this havent even heard of it.

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It's hard to believe that not many people have been exposed to this album. Its just as good as Stay Hungry if not better and im pretty sure there were videos for some of the songs. I will admit that Twisted Sister's attempt to remake The Leader Of The Pack was kinda ridiculous but that doesnt mean this album doesnt rock, do yourself a favor and pick one up the net there not hard to come by at all.