Im sorry if youre a die-hard fan of any of these bands Im about to bash, so forgive me now, I have listened to it all, my mother has 8,000 albums and I know what Im talking about. First off, AC-DC, yes, Hells Bells, Back in Black, and High Way to Hell are very good songs. Just not all of there stuff is to be a hardcore fan over. Big Balls is funny but beyond that it is really pointless. There filler songs on there albums isnt wroth all the hype. Guns and Roses, this one gets on my nerves. I swear to god if I hear another lame ass reference to this awful garbage Im going to grip on to a rose bush while I have someone shoot me in the head. Most hair bands are just the hair, heads full of air, and need to be ignored. Metallica is like the hardcore version of the Eagles, so what this means is that they rip off the style of whatever is hot around the time they put out there album. Two hardcore Metallica fans showed me footage of a live show where they played a song from an album theyre working on, and it isnt thrash metal, its punk. Its 80s old school punk. Teens believe that these bands are cool because their best friends dad used to listen to it, and hes cool.

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Another thing that gets to me is people at my high school who were the retro style shirts of bands that they never listen to. I love Black Sabbath, and I was talking to a girl, who was wearing one of their shirts, and I asked her what was her favorite song by them, I got the reply of, Who? Didnt people buy shirts to support an artist and to make a fashion statement? I know I wouldnt go out and buy a Metallica shirt just to look like all my friends who listen to crappy music. If I was to go out and buy a band tee, it would be from a newer band that I was listening to and is still together, and hasnt broke up because the lead singer wanted to make more money to fuel their drug addition.

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Now I have a question for you. What happened to cool Satan based metal band. Wheres all of the cool backwards messages that are about Satan and smoking pot? I enjoy that. Rock used to be about sex, drugs, and the music, not making it to MTV, or telling kids a good message. Rock music is about destroying things and not conforming. Now it seems that nonconforming is to conform to a group of nonconformists. You know what I havent seen in years, someone lighting a guitar on fire or playing it with there teeth. Yeah, fun guitar smashing is getting old, Aaron Carter is even doing it. You can thank Mindless Self Indulgence for that one.

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In closing, I feel my ranting is going to get me hurt by a Guns and Roses fan, thank god the new ones are small. If anyone of you know about a new metal band that is still about Satan, sex, drugs, and rock, please, I am begging of you please, let me know.

Keep your ears clean.
Canaan Krazy Smith.