Well, I just returned from my favorite used music store. I was searching for one of the greatest 80's compilations out there, which is sadly hard to find these days.

The tracks on this album are:

1. too shy-Kajagoogoo(1983)
2. Always something there to remind me-Naked eyes(1983)
3. Talk Talk-Talk Talk(1982)
4. Kids in america-Kim Wilde(1982)
5.Turning Japanese-The vapors(1980)
6.The politics are dancing-Re-Flex(1984)
7. 19-Paul Hardcastle(1985)
8. Homicide-999(1978)
9. Romanticide-Combo Audio(1983)
10. Guilty-Classix Nouveau(1981)
11.(get a) Grip (on yourself)-The stranglers(1977)
12. 2-4-6-8 Motorway-Tom Robinson(1977)
13. C30,C60,C90, Go-bow wow wow(1980)
14.(she's) Sexy+17-stray cats(1983)
15. She blinded me with science-Thomas Dolby(1982)
16. Chant no.1 ( I don't need the pressure on)-spandau Ballet(1981)
17. I eat canniblas(pt. 1)-Total Coelo(1983)
18. Shiny Shiny-Haysi Fantayzee(1983)

This cd covers some well known stuffScience, remind me,too shy, but there is also some obscure stuff on there, like Bow wow wow's c30,c60,c90,go.

Track One: Too shy-Kajagoogoo. I dislike this song. In my opinion, if they wanted to stay in the obscure, they should have used the B side: Take another view

Track Two: Always...to remind me-Naked Eyes. This song, I can take,as it is one of their better songs anyways. Decent beats, along with decent lyrics. This song, was actually written by burth bacharach in the 1960's.

Track Three: Talk Talk-Talk Talk. This one, not so much, I like It's my life much,much better. The song is alright, but it is on the somewhat obscure side of things.

Track Four: Kids in america-Kim Wilde. One of her best, if not the best Kim Wilde song. Sure, she had success with You just keep me hangin' on, but this is what got her started.

Track Five: Turning Japanese-The vapors. A really catchy song about masturbation. With that aside, the song is decent, somewhat repetitive, but it's a new wave staple, and very well known.

Track Six: The politics of dancing-Re-flex. Catchy dance song of the new wave era. their only real top 40 hit, thus considering them One Hit Wonders.

Track Seven: 19-Paul Hardcastle. Somehow making a dance song about the brave men who died in Vietnam is not considered a little odd, but what the heck, I like it.

Track Eight: Homicide-999. Not an eighties song, as it was released in '78. New Wave however, was on the rise, so I guess that's why it was included here.

Track Nine: Romanticide-Combo Audio. This is a catchy song, that is now, sadly swimming in an obscure sea.

Track Ten: Guilty-Classix Nouveau. Yet another obscure song that's catchy as hell.

Track Eleven: Grip-The stranglers. This song, while not from the eighties, is a new wave/punk song, and that's befitting for this disk. I am a big fan of the stranglers. I feel as if they should have put London Lady, which is the B side to Grip on this disk however.

Track Twelve: 2-4-6-8 Motorway-Tom Robinson. Tom Robinson takes political rock into a whole new arena. This song is also from the 1970's. He is a gay rights activist, according to Wikipedia.

Track Thirteen: C30,C60,C90, GO!-Bow wow wow. Why they put this song in this compilation, instead of I want candy will always boggle my mind. This song has almost no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Bad choice.

Track Fourteen: Sexy + 17-Stray cats. When it comes to the Stray Cats and I, it's a losing battle for them. I dislike this group with a passion. As if Brian setzer wasn't annoying already with his orchestra.

Track Fifteen: She blinded me with science-Thomas Dolby.
Ah yes! finally an 80's song that I can stand, and know that this is what made the eighties. All the covered versions of this hit cannot compare with the original; it's like a Brooklyn pizza, always the original.

Track Sixteen: Chant No.1( we don't need this pressure on)-Spandau Ballet. Spandau Ballet, will forever be immortalized with True. But this, this is something better than true. It's like one of those things you find in your attic that you've been missing for twenty years.

Track Seventeen: I eat Cannibals Pt. 1-Total Coelo. Again the disk goes into obscure mode. It's a catchy as all hell pop song that makes you just wanna dance with somebody, or if you are alone, make you dance to the beat.

Track Eighteen: Shiny Shiny-Haysi Fantayzee. God, what an awful way to close this disk. The song is bizarre, and at time you just want to kill the cd player. This group was very bizarre, and had another hit entitled "John Wayne is Big Leggy" Which, I sure as hell don't want to hear.

So, there you have it, I've guided you through Living in oblivion: Volume 1