Hi everyone I have has alot of toys through my Childhood and I wanna share my favorites with you.

First on my list is Playskool Big Frank. It was so much fun to play with you could fix him, open his shirt and find buttons and knobs, and a big heart, and tools to fix him.

Second was my Fisher Price Great Adventure Pirate Ship. This thing was so cool I would make up so many adventures with this. I would come up with so many storys and stuff it came with figures but I never used the figures that came with it I would use my own figures from kids meals.

Third was my Fisher Price work shop. I couldnt find a picture of this one it was Grey and red it came wih tools, nails, and screws. I loved that thing Cause I would put different toys on the shelves and prentend it was a store and pretnend to sell stuff it was fun.

Forth was my Bp Service Station. I loved this toy out of all of them this was absloute favorite toy ever. It was a whole Bp service station it had gas pumps, store, service center, and a car wash. It was very detailed. It didnt take long to assemble it. I played with that for hours. I loved playing with my semi trucks with it and prentend it was a big rig service center. I had it for a very long time till one day I took it all apart and scatterd the pieces everywhere. Looking back I wish I hadent took it apart and lost all the peices. Iam still trying to find another one of these I had no luck yet but as soon as I see one again I am deffently gonna buy it.

Thank you for reading my article and seeing what some of my favorite toys from when I was a kid.