All Right Children Remember "Kidsongs" The Sing-Along Song Music Videos and CDs and cassettes for kids? Well I'm gotta Review about it so get ready to remember!

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Now let's talk about the Hosts of the show. The Hosts are: Billy and Ruby Biggle.
BTW, They're Costumed Characters.

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We see Billy and Ruby Biggle big.

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And small.

Now there are two Video Series: One: "Kidsongs" Two: "Kidsongs: Adventures in Biggleland". So the videos were Produced by: View-Master Video in the mid-1980's, then KidVision in the mid 1990's, and then finally Sony Wonder in the late 1990's, in associated with Warner Bros. Records until the mid-1990's and Together Again Video Productions Ltd or TAP for short. The voice actors of the Biggles are:

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Frat Fuller as the voice of Billy Biggle and puppeterd by Dan O' Lulda.

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And Julene Renee as the voice of Ruby Biggle and puppeterd by Scott Mathus.

The Biggle costumes were designed by Joanne Mcpherson and character designed by Peter Gullerud.

Here's the Lyrics of Season 1:

"We want our Kidsongs Tappin' our feet soon everybody's gonna move to the beat We got the sound it's gonna be coming to your city and town
V1:We were lookin' for adventure We sure did find it an old TV studio What do you know If we were to clean it maybe can use it and put on a show
Repeat Chorus
V2:Hurry (3x) gotta get the power lots of thousand buttons Ready Here come the lights gotta find locations to make our videos were gonna do it right
Repeat Chorus
We Want our Kidsongs
We Wanna!".
So the home videos were edited and the songs were put into their own television show that was first aired in syndication in 1987, then on NBC, then on Disney Channel in 1992. No new episodes of the show were produced until 1994, when public television relaunched the show. The show was officially canceled in 1998. The 1994-1998 series was produced by WTTW Chicago, in association with Warner Bros. Records for seasons 1 and 2, Sony Wonder for season 3 and Together Again Video Productions Ltd., and syndicated by American Public Television.

The show's been created by Bruce Gowers and Carol Rosenstien. The name "Kidsongs" was originally created by Stephen Sedberry in 1980. His cassette album, Kidsongs, Volume 1 was released in San Francisco. Many copies still exist to prove the point.

Now Let's Talk About the video openings In the View-Master Video series has a FBI/Warning sign and a corny intro of the "Kidsongs" videos. In the KidVision Video Series has the same FBI/Warning sign, 1995 KidVision logo and a "Kidsongs" home video preview (NOTE: I never seen the KidVision logo in the "Kidsongs" videos I'm just guessing), and in the Sony Wonder Video series has a blue FBI/Warning sign, a "Kidsongs" home video preview and the 1996 Sony Wonder logo. And they made a DVD series of "Kidsongs" as well.

Well that's it for my "Kidsongs" experience Thanks for reading this Artitle. See You Next Time!