As a kid (and still today) Ghostbusters was my favorite movie, and i equally loved the television show "The Real Ghostbusters". But as i grew older i began to understand that Winston served no purpose, he was simply the token black dude , nothing more nothing less.

To be honest, the writers probably wanted to make the original title "The Real Ghostbusters & Blacky!" Where Winston would play the role of slimer , wandering about the firehouse eating all of the fried chicken while spouting out random words that the white people couldn't understand, and making the place filthy. In fact, if that was the case, he would have had a bigger part then he did in the actual cartoon and 2 movies combined.

Winston never contributed when the Ghostbusters where trying to solve a ghostly mystery. I could just imagine how it would have played out had he tried to put in his 2 cents.

Egon: There seems to be no info on this ghost available in my database!
Winston : Well i once read that...
Pete : *smacks Winston to the ground*
Winston: Sorry masta Venkman....
And he lays on the floor as slimer begins to violently rape him with his ectoplasmicly lubricated penis.

Hell, even in the films he wasn't treated as a important character, he is rarely mentioned in interviews as being a Ghostbuster and he wasn't even on the poster! Now its understandable that Winston was only in the last half of the first film, because his character was hired later on and not part of the original team. But in the second film its the same scenario. Winston is nowhere to be found in the first part of the film, and by this time, he was a well established part of the franchise. Hell he is even left out of the first bust scene, even though he is CLEARLY visible inside the courtroom early on. But they just let him sit back as the white man saves the day, ridiculous.

One of his rare lines in the first film sums this whole article up very nicely.

"This job is not worth $11,500 a year!"