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Ah... Power Rangers, as a kid i fucking loved this shit, there was nothing like it (except maybe Beetleborgs, but thats another story.) Sadly i decided i would go back and watch some episodes to relive the good days, needless to say 8 year old Sam had a horrible taste in tv.

First- Putty's (or is it putties, to be quite honest i don't know the plural for putty.)
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These grey bastards where always fucking with the Power Rangers. But what that Chinese queen bitch in the sky failed to notice was one MAJOR flaw in the putties. There is a HUGE giant thing on there chest that, if hit, will blast those damn things to hell. How didn't she notice that? And when the power rangers see putties they get all scared like "Oh shit putties where fucked! What are we gonna do?"

I know what you'll do, Punch the damn thing in the chest, haven't you noticed it makes them explode? Not only are they martial arts masters , but the power rangers also seem to be mildly retarded. How much easier can it get, mine as well just put a big sign that says "Hey douche bag , punch here, i'll dematerialize."

I also love how the power rangers all wore clothes that where the color of there costume, how convenient... and whats with the black ranger being black and the Chinese girl being yellow, im actually more surprised there wasn't a homosexual who was the rainbow ranger, or perhaps a Mexican ranger who is a dirty brown color and has a small mustache, and hey while your at it throw that gun away and give him a good old fashion shank.

This show really was ridiculous

I dont have much more to talk about since my memory of the MMPR is limited. But i gotta mention something i saw on youtube. Its a video of an episode of one of the 300 power rangers spin offs, where all the red rangers fight together to take on some villains (these ones dont explode when you punch them in the chest, so i guess thats an improvement.). Anyway , right before they go to fight, behind them there is a HUGE explosion of red gas... and for no fucking reason, it just happens, they pay no attention to it and go on fighting. WTF? Did all the red rangers just let out a huge ass fart simultaneously causing a massive explosion? I mean seriously whats the point?

Here is a screen cap so you know what im talking about.
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All in all the power rangers wasn't that great, but when i was a kid i loved it , so they obviously did something right, and for that reason (and because Alpha 5 was a badass, he was definetly banging Kimberly)

I give it a 3 out of 5

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