10.) Rhythm Corps(1988):

This band was out of Detroit. Overall, many people do not know this band. In the year 1988, they released the album "Common Ground" The title track, aslo titled Common Ground, barely dented the top 20, let alone the top 100.article image. A friend of mine, even went through his old collection, and stumbled across this album. He did not even know, or remember who they were.

9.) Jon Astley(1987):

A famous producer, he even had two albums, but the first one, Everyone Loves the pilot(Except the crew), is more widely known than his second album: "The Compleat Angler", which is the title of a piece of literature, by Izaak Waltonarticle image.
article image

Jon reached success with the song "Jane's getting Serious", which was on a Heinz catsup ad.article image His second hit, however, was a small, faded blip on the pop radar"Put this love to the test", failed to really dent anything.

8.) Giant Steps(1988):
article image
Clearly a rip off of Scritti-Politti, Giant Steps, had a chart topper, called "Another Lover" This song came out in 1988. The group had another hit, but it went unnoticed. This song was titled "Into You". Also off of the book of pride album.

7.) Calloway(1990):
article image
"I wanna Be Rich", was the one and only song that we all seem to remember from them. Musically, they were part of something larger. Originally, they were part of the 80s dance group Midnight Star. They broke away, and formed their own group: Calloway. The song hit the scene in 1990, and stayed with us for a few weeks, then, it slid down into the Abyss that is obscure artistry. "I want the pie in the sky", yup, in case you did not know, that is a line from I wanna be rich.

6.) Stars on 45(1982):
article image
"The stars on 45, keep on running through your mind." The group that started off the medley craze, such artists include: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. While I never got the whole medley concept, apparently they had enough fans to release several albums, and a greatest of. "You can boogie, love disco, love that disco sound, but don't don't don't forget." yeah the stars on 45. My recently deceased grandmother had the actual record.

5.) Van Stephenson(1984):
article image
This group had a hit titled "Modern day Delilah." They also released the song "What the big girls do." While Modern day scored huge, big girls, barely made a dent. Both songs were on Righteous Anger, which was more successful than Suspicious Heart, their previous album. Sadly, the bands lead singer, Van Stephenson, died after battling skin cancer.

4.) Marilyn Martin(1986):
article image

Perhaps her biggest hit, was her duet with Phil Collins. That duet was titled "Seperate Lives." On her won, howver, she did have a moderate success with the song "Night Moves." Her album "Night Moves", was produced by Jon Astley. After "Night Moves", Marilyn had a very small success with the song "Beauty Or the Beast."

3.) Breakfast Club(1987):
article image
What?!?!? I though this was a movie, not a dance group. Well, you are somewhat right. Breakfast Club, was a dance group back in 1987, and they had the hit "Right on Track." This band even featured Madonna in it. She and lead singer Dan Gilroy had a relationship. Eventually, she left. "Right on track" made it to #7 on the pop charts. They did have a string of minor hits.

2.) M/A/R/R/S(1988):
article image
Pump up the volume! Pump up the volume! Dance! Dance!. "Pump up the volume" was this groups only hit, but that is all that was needed. This tune is infectious, and this was the only thing needed to make a dance hall hit. It still is remembered today, but the group has released no more hits.

1.) KP & Envyi(1998):
article image
Shorty Swing my way. This song created a little bit of a craze when I was in Elementary School. Everyone sang this song, but in a few months, the song was gone. I always wondered about this group and song. The song, I found easily. The group, unfortunately, has been lost to pop history.

So, there you have it. Some groups may be one hit wonders in some places, but many hit wonders in others. So, their case, can be yours to judge. See you RJ'ers!