I remember the day that my father had brought home our first vcr. The year was 1984 and the electronic messiah had set my father back about a grand.while my mother was ripping my dad a new one about the price, I sat there just admiring this fourty five pound entertainment machine. I had heard of vcr's before but I had never been in the presence of one. Instead of just having it sit there i urged my dad to plug it in and start this baby up.After a lecture from my mother about frivilious spending, my pops proceeded to hook up the necessary cables to launch this beast. I remember sitting their on pins and needles waiting to see what this machine had to offer.After it was properly hooked up, I found out that all it had to offer was a green screen and not much else.That's when my dad pulled out the ace up his sleeve.A mint condition, brand new copy of.....Raiders of the Lost Ark. I believe right then and there I had my first orgasm.
Before the vcr, I had to watch horribly chopped up movies on broadcast tv because my family had no cable.This was not the case anymore. Now I could take a bathroom break and not miss anything. I could rewind a section of any movie as many times I wanted.Holy crap, this vcr thing was big news.
After countless showings of Raiders, my family had joined a video club that had popped up in my town.It looked nothing like the video stores of today. This store was the size of a broom closet and had about fifty movies to choose from.That number might not seem like alot but believe me it was.I now had access to see movies that I never would have seen before.Being nine years old the video store was my candy store.movies I had never heard of, movies I had been dying to see, their they were,smiling back at me ,waving hello.
It was around this time that my love affair with horror movies started to bloom. Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Don't go in the Woods, they all become classics that I would watch timelessly.My father and I would sit up til late at night and watch one horror movie after another.
My first viewing of Dawn of the Dead was an experience like none other I had seen before. Heads were exploding,limbs being chopped off,blood flowing,it was just a buffet of violent images and I couldn't get enough.Whenever I had a jones for a horror movie, pop it went into the vcr and off to horrorland I went.
In the coming weeks I would like to share with you some of the classic horror and B movies I experienced as a child, taking a step back in time remember how cheesy and violent they were.No matter how much hollywood today thinks their horror movies are disturbing, they don't hold a candle to the horror movies of yesteryear.